How to tell if anyone has blocked you on any social network

It is possible to block users on virtually any social network or chat application today. This turns out to be a good way to prevent anyone from bothering you or seeing your posts without your wanting to. Of course, it's not always that obvious to know if anyone has blocked you, because the process tries to be as discreet as possible, regardless of the application in question.

There are some signs to know if any have blocked you. To help you figure this out, we've prepared a guide to today's most popular social networks and apps. Check out how you can tell if anyone has blocked you on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp below!

Know if anyone has blocked you on Facebook

know if any blocked you facebook

To start, let's talk about how to find out if anyone has blocked you on Facebook. This is the easiest network to know and only takes a few minutes. After all, you can easily access someone's profile without being logged in to your account.

If the person has blocked you, you will not be able to see your profile at all. Just see the message that the profile or user no longer exists on the social network.

So if you search the person's Facebook profile without being in your account and find it, because you were blocked. There is no other reason for the person's profile to exist and it will not appear to you when you are logged in other than that.

Of course things can be slightly different in the social networking chat app. So, see the following tip.

Know if anyone has blocked you in Messenger

As we mentioned in the above topic, Facebook Messenger handles locks in a different way than the social network itself. After all, you can be blocked on Facebook without being blocked in Messenger and vice versa.

Other than that, there aren't many obvious factors as to whether anyone has blocked you there. Among the other apps and social networks on our list, it is certainly one of the most boring to identify if anyone gave you the famous block.

What you can do is chat with the person you suspect blocked you. Then see if the voice and video call icons appear as in the image below:

know if it was blocked in messenger

If these icons are not there, this could be a sign that has been blocked in Messenger. Of course if you want to be sure, you can do a very simple little test.

Just try to send a message to the person in question. If it was actually locked, the following message appears on the screen.

blocked in messenger

This "Person not receiving messages from you at the moment" warning has no other meaning than blocking. Of course, in such cases there is not much you can do to reverse the situation.

Know if it was blocked on WhatsApp

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be sure that you have been locked in WhatsApp. The app is much more discreet in that sense than some others on our list.

Other than that, the main signals can also be explained by other factors including: that the person has changed numbers, that the user has not been saved from his contact or that his privacy settings are more restricted etc.

know if any blocked you whatsapp

Still, it is worth trying some tests or paying attention to certain signals. This includes the following:

  • Check when the person was online: Of course, this can be turned off at any time, but if you notice a sudden change in the person you suspect you have blocked, it may be a sign. When you are blocked, it is not possible to know when the person is or was online in the app;
  • Try to add the person to a group: This is one of the simplest ways to find out that it has been locked, as it is not possible to add any to a group if this is the case.
  • Try to make a call: also can not call someone who blocked you, so a good test.
  • View profile photo: In general, also can not see the profile picture if any blocked you. On the other hand, the person may simply not use a photo or not have their number in the phonebook;
  • Pay attention to message tics: This is another very obvious sign. When sending a message, if you see only one tick in the message instead of two, it may mean that it has been blocked. After all, your messages will be sent but not delivered to the recipient.

Overall, this is all you can currently do to know if anyone has blocked you on WhatsApp. Not as conclusive as in other apps, but you can get a good feel. If most of the signs shown above are positive, it is very likely to know if any have blocked you.

Know if it was blocked on Instagram

blocked on instagram

Fortunately, Instagram is as easy as Facebook when it comes to knowing if anyone has blocked you or not. The first thing you will notice is that if you followed the person or vice versa, they would disappear from your list of "followers" and "following".

This is because when someone blocks you, any such link disappears immediately. Other than that, you can't see any interaction of this person anywhere.

This includes comments, private messages, and likes, for example. Just like on Facebook, you also can't see the person's profile if it has been blocked, as it simply disappears.

Then you can simply search the person's profile when logged in to your app account. If you can't find your profile this way but can see it in a normal search on your web browser, there's no doubt that it has been blocked.

There is no reason why you will not be able to see a profile when you are logged in to your account. It's worth mentioning that, in this case, not even the person who blocked you can see your profile.

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