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How to sync and remove duplicate contacts on Android

Calendar is a fundamental part of our devices. She keeps us in touch with our friends, family and co-workers, helping us in more emergency times or when we just need to set up a casual meeting. Today we will show you how to sync and remove duplicate contacts on Android without complications.

First steps

If you have a new Android, it is essential that you have it set up, including your email accounts and personal information. Each device offers features and hardware that vary by device manufacturer and model, but basically all have similar procedures.

With your smartphone set up, let's go to the next steps, where we'll talk about the process of syncing and removing duplicate contacts from your phone.

google account new
Create and sync your Google / AndroidPIT account

How to sync contacts on Android

Sync contacts An important step in keeping your calendar up to date and your contacts saved. By updating your email addresses, you do not risk losing important contacts after your device is rooted or updated. You must have already created a Google Account (Gmail) when you first set up your Android. From synchronization, all changes made to your calendar will be applied to the account that is registered on your device.

To sync your contacts, go to the system settings and select "Accounts". You will see a list of all apps and accounts that can be synced. Select "Google" or Google Account, check "Contacts" and sync.

How to import your contacts to a new device

To redeem your contacts, sign in with your Google Account on another device and enable sync. If that does not work, the traditional way of importing / exporting contacts, which works through the SIM card, remains. Access the contacts app, select your settings and click "Import / Export" so that they can be added to your Gmail or any other email you choose.

If your new device does not support the same size as a certain SIM, choose to transfer your contacts between devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or PC. We have an article where we explain how these transfers can be made:

import android contact
Import or export contacts / AndroidPIT

How to remove duplicate contacts on Android

Have you ever sent a message to anyone and found out in sequence that the number no longer exists, or so old? Duplicate contacts may leave your calendar out of date. Fortunately, Android offers several ways to solve this problem.

  • Manually from calendar: Access your calendar, select the contact, and delete it. You can access your calendar settings and click "Organize Contacts" and then "Merge Duplicate Contacts".
  • With PC and your Gmail account: Go to Gmail and select "Calendar" from the app menu. Click the settings menu in the upper right corner, then select "Other," "Find and merge duplicates." you can merge them
  • Use a dedicated app: If you can't with the above methods, download an app from the Play Store to perform this process. Here below are two indications:

Duplicate Contacts
Install on Google Play

Contacts Optimizer
Install on Google Play

The app below, Phone clone, allows you to transfer contacts, images and other information from your old device as well as contacts:

Phone clone
Install on Google Play

How do you manage your contacts on Android?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all tips for managing and synchronizing your contacts on Android. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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