How to survive on only 16 GB of internal storage

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Know your enemy

Media files can take up a huge amount of space on your device's internal memory, the better the quality, the more space the file needs. HD videos are your worst enemies, but music and photos also occupy a vital space.

Applications can range wildly from a few megabytes to about 8 GB like Final Fantasy IX. FFIX is basically a snowstorm in this scenario and can really hurt your chances of survival.

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Learn how much memory each app is using / ANDROIDPIT
<p>First, you must pay attention and limit the quality or resolution of these files. Apps like Spotify let you choose the quality of the audio you download. After all, who will hear much difference between 128 and 320 kbps while traveling?</p>
<p>In addition, most camera applications and software allow you to change the size and resolution of images. Remember, the smaller the number of pixels, the less storage space images need. You can also back up to Google Photos, just download the app, go to <em>Google Settings</em> > <em>Backup Google Photos</em> > choose the folders you would like to back up and activate it.</p>
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High resolution files can take up a lot of space / ANDROIDPIT

Google Play makes it a lot easier when it comes to knowing how much space a file needs (there's a category to see the size of apps in the Play Store), but you can find that out by going to your Android settings.

Some interfaces make it easy to know file sizes, just go to Settings > Apps, where you can see the size of the apps. Some files may require an extra application, such as file managers, such as ES File Explorer, which is also very useful for managing all types of folders.

Pro Tip

It is not necessary to carry a scythe if it is a work account knife. In other words, if you don't have a device that reproduces the quality of 4K resolution, why shoot in that resolution? Think beyond, how will you see the photos and videos you created?

Earlier I mentioned the quality of the music on your phone, and the same thing with the photos. If you are viewing your images from your phone or a computer with standard resolution, decrease the number of pixels.

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Reduce the number of pixels in your images to take up less memory space / ANDROIDPIT

Effective storage

If your smartphone is an ecosystem, the micro-SD card is your backpack. This is the extra space you have to carry what will not fit in your pockets. You can transfer various file types such as images, videos and even some application data to the micro-SD card. But unfortunately not all Android devices support a microSD card.

You can move data to the Micro-SD card by going to Settings > Apps > (Application Name) > Move to SD Card. Not only are all applications that have this feature, but this feature allows you to redeem a few precious megabytes from your internal memory.

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Move all possible applications and files to the micro-SD / ANDROIDPIT card
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The micro-SD card does not act as a normal internal memory (although we have this option from Android 6.0 Marshmallow). So before buying a handset, do not think that you can buy a 16 GB card, add to your 16 GB of internal and portable memory, you will have a 32 GB device.

It is most important to buy a device with the capacity that suits your needs. It is very likely that you will use the micro-SD card to store photos, videos and audio, but images can also be saved to the cloud (more info below), and you can use an MP3 player to listen to music. If you only use the micro-SD card to store a few videos, you probably don't need a giant 128 GB model.

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Like a backpack, the microSD card can be used to store extra content / ANDROIDPIT

It is very important to know which micro-SD capability your device supports. The best way to get this information is to look in the instruction manual or online.

Use the cloud

Think of the cloud, not as a cloud, but as a cave. This is a vast space outside your device that can come in gigantic sizes. Cloud services are everywhere today, and they support many types of files and data.

Obviously there is a distrust in using the cloud to store your data, as well as privacy and security concerns, not to mention what would happen if your chosen provider were bankrupt.

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The cloud your friend / ANDROIDPIT

Google Photos, for example, is a very safe bet. It offers unlimited photo storage for files of a certain size, and not exactly small. Google Photos is a fantastic service for those trying to survive with very small internal storage capacities. While its security system is not foolproof, Google has much more to lose from any failure than many others. Dropbox also offers similar services.

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Use Google Photos and Google Drive to back up your photos and files / ANDROIDPIT
<h3 id=Pro Tip

WhatsApp is your pet polar bear – a magnificent creature and your best friend until he turns his back. All files you send and receive are kept in your device's memory, thus taking up a lot of space.

You can use WhatsApp settings to back up everything to your Google Drive, so you can delete all files you receive through the app without losing them. Once backed up, you can access your entire content through Google Drive or Google Photos.

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You can survive on just 16 GB. Have f / ANDROIDPIT

Final Advice

There is no secret, which you need to be careful about when it comes to using your device. Uninstall applications you don't use or don't need, and back up files you'd like to keep (and remember to delete them from your device to free up space).

You should also remember that even if the device comes with 16 GB of internal storage, it does not mean that 16 GB is free. Realistically, it is very likely that you only have 11 or 12 GB that can actually be used.

What is the capacity of your smartphone? Do you have any other tips for surviving with the meager 16 GB of internal memory?

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