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How to study for Enem in times of social isolation by COVID-19

List with 5 tips from where the student can seek quality content to study for ENEM!

The COVID-19 pandemic (popularly called the new coronavirus in Brazil) completely changed the Brazilian's routine. Several companies allowed work from home (home-office), services had their schedules reduced, events were postponed or canceled and several schools, universities and courses announced the suspension of activities. However, the student who is determined to enter the University education you need to continue preparing for the tests at the end of the year.

Thinking of helping the student, the Showmetech, in partnership with I want bag, platform for scholarships and vacancies in higher education, prepared a list with 5 tips where the student can look for quality content to study outside the classroom. Check out!


Enem on YouTube Edu Several classes on different topics can be watched by YouTube Edu

YouTube, the world's largest social video sharing network, offers a variety of quality channels with important content for the student. The main platform is YouTube EDU, which contains specialized preparation material for the entrance exam. This week, YouTube opened seo Aprender, focused on educational content. In addition, we highlight:

  1. Professor Jubilut – Biology;
  2. Everyday Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Philosophy;
  3. REVIEW – Interdisciplinary content;
  4. Zao Redao e Gramtica – Redao e Gramtica;
  5. Se Liga Nessa Histria – World and Brazilian History.

Enem Manual

ENEM Manual Disciplines can be found separately

Quero Bolsa developed the Enem Manual, a portal with qualified content for those who want to take the National High School Exam (ENEM). There you will find subjects addressing the subjects that fall in the exam and contents of current events that are important for the student to keep up with the most relevant subjects.

In addition, the portal offers exam post right after the end of the race, in partnership with Anglo. Quero Bolsa also developed eBooks to help future university students prepare for the exam, such as the Comprehensive Writing Guide.


One of the fastest growing media in Brazil and in the world, the podcast is a very interesting way to study and get information. As it is in audio, it is possible to listen while transporting or performing some tasks.

There are podcasts of the most varied themes, since, to produce them, so much investment is not necessary. Featured for:

Study plan for ENEM

Quero Bolsa developed the Enem de Boa Study Plan, in conjunction with Poli's Cursinho. Teachers selected the most important content for the exam and organized it in a six months, to be used before the tests start.

The idea is to study from Monday to Friday, thus learning a subject every day. On weekends, there are extra materials for current affairs, newsroom, English and Spanish. a basis to be followed when preparing for the exam.

Documentaries in streaming service

Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are used as entertainment when watching series and videos. What most people don't remember, that they can be great sources knowledge too.

Within subscription streaming, there are several documentaries and documentary series that can be useful when assimilating new knowledge. For example:

  • ?13 Amendment?(2016, Ava DuVernay) – The documentary reflects on the law that prohibits slavery in the United States, but creates a loophole for manual labor via mass incarceration. Available on Netflix;
  • ?Explaining?(2017 until today, Vox) – The documentary series seeks, as its name says, to explain various themes in the world today, going through the wage gap between men and women up to K-Pop. Available on Netflix;
  • ?Alm da Viso?(2017, Bruno Lemos and Luiz Werneck) – Documentary addresses the difficulties of including people with visual impairments in Brazil and in the world. Available on Amazon Prime Video;
  • ?Inside Job?(2010, Charles Ferguson) – Documentary that addresses the problems of the 2008 financial crisis worldwide. Available on Amazon Prime.

There are several opportunities for you to acquire knowledge and prepare for ENEM, even during quarantine.