How to stream your games on the net like a pro gamer

How to stream your games on the net like a pro gamer

Many gamers would like to do professional streaming, which may seem like a pretty difficult task for those just starting out. However, there are many options for those who want to display their gaming skills.

Here are some important steps to get started streaming your games live.

Capture board

Both Xbox and PlayStation have built-in tools that allow the transmission and display of games. On consoles such as Switch, however, it is more difficult to make the connection due to the lack of integrated tools.

To stream games directly from the video game to the computer and then to the network, a capture card can be used. The hardware part captures the game and sends it directly to the PC. A cableUSB is usually required to make the connection cables are not expensive, but older consoles require more sophisticated capture cards.

(Source: Pixabay)(Source: Pixabay)

Camera and microphone

When it comes to streaming, a quality camera and microphone are extremely important. Devices make the difference in making contact with who is watching the video.

Using existing devices in your notebook, for example, can be useful, but unfortunately the integrated equipment is often very simple and does not meet the requirements to perform quality streaming. Ideally install a dedicated webcam and microphone such as Microsoft's LifeCam Studio. When positioning the camera, be sure to adjust the light so that it illuminates your face well.

For microphones, consider choosing a model that cuts low-frequency vibrations. Some devices come with a filter and make it possible to capture sound without the slightest noise, such as passing cars, air conditioning, and the computer cooler. A model capable of doing this the Sieren Elite.

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After installing the capture card, the computer that receives the game's broadcast signal needs software to read it. There are many options, and among the most popular are XSplit Gamecaster and Open Broadcaster Software. The second is an open-source technical program that allows broad control. The first one is more user friendly, offering several features.

After setting everything up, time to stream your game on the network. The software connects to sites like Twitch and YouTube and you usually just have to login to it. Twitch is famous for streamings, but it can be a difficult start. YouTube, in turn, has far reaching and simplified functionality.

When it comes to broadcasting, it is important not to forget to maintain sympathy and charisma and not to be discouraged. Invite friends, spread the word on your social networks, and remember that your audience can be built slowly.

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