How to stop Siri from submitting your conversations for review

Late last week, Apple found itself embroiled in (another) controversy when the employee of a third-party contractor hired by Ma revealed that dialogues captured by Ma Crab They are often analyzed by humans, giving the possibility for malicious employees to discover personal data of possible victims and perform illegal acts with that information.

Apple, of course, came up with its standard privacy defense response, stating that less than 1% of Siri-captured clips are reviewed by people and that these recordings have no personal data attached. Still, the question remains: is it possible to disable this analysis without necessarily turning off the personal assistant as a whole? It turns out that yes!

The digital security expert Jan kaiser created a profile for iOS that turns off sending clips captured by Siri for review. The profile is available on GitHub and you can take a look at your code to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it (if you are a connoisseur of course) installing a different profile on your iPhone or iPad, after all, An operation that should only be done when you are sure what you are doing and trust the creator of the content.

Being aware and wanting to proceed, just perform the steps below:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to this page on GitHub and touch the item “Prevent server side logging of Siri commands.mobileconfig”.
  2. Touch option Raw and then in Allow to download the profile.
  3. Follow the instructions in iOS and under Settings, tap the "Downloaded Profile" option and "Install" to apply the profile. Ready!

Kaiser reminds you that you can create a similar profile in Apple Configurator by simply disabling the option. “Allow server-side logging of Siri commands”. It also encourages users to push Apple to incorporate such an option into iOS itself, with no need to install a profile on the device to prevent Siri from reviewing recordings.

via 9to5Mac