How to stop Safari from asking for your location by accessing certain websites

Since the internet has become a bottomless pool of requests for personal information, it has been difficult to escape certain things: Safari, for example, will certainly cite frequent page requests that want to capture your location. But did you know that it is possible to silence these often intrusive requests once and for all?

IOS Location Services

It's very easy to do this process on both iOS and macOS. In the mobile system, all you have to do is go to Settings Privacy Location Services and find the option "Safari Sites". Inside, simply select the "Never" option and sites will not capture your location at any time.

In macOS, the process is even simpler: in Safari itself, just go to browser preferences (shortcut,), go to the "Sites" tab and select the "Location" option in the left frame. In it, locate the box “When visiting other sites” in the lower right corner and choose the option “Deny”.

Location services on macOS

The choice, of course, has its consequences: websites will stop bothering you with incessant requests for your location, but that means when you really want to share this kind of information with one page, you have to manually access Safari preferences to release it. the access.

Still, for those who don't want to share the location with any site, this small adjustment can help save a few seconds of life and precious browsing time.

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