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How to start a WhatsApp conversation without saving the person number

We do not often question a lot because it has become an almost naturalized habit, but let's face it: the functioning of the Whatsapp archaic.

From dependence on a mobile number to a highly capped web version, the country's most popular messenger is a festival of limitations that are not found in any other competitor but we keep using, of course, because all our contacts are there.

Want another example of this? The need to save a number to our calendar if we want to contact him for the service. For a number of reasons this may not be desirable the main one is not wanting to fill your contact book that you will only talk about once in a lifetime and never again.

Fortunately, a WhatsApp API allows some third party services to come up with very simple functionality: with a simple URL you can open a conversation with any number that is connected to WhatsApp. without saving your contact. A bonus? You can even put your own number in the URL and start a conversation with yourself, which is very useful as an instant notebook and a space to save links or audio clips.

The easiest way to contact someone (or yourself) on WhatsApp without saving the number to your calendar via the service To do this, just go to your browser and type the following address:

The multiple "x" in this case is the number you want to contact, made up of the country code (55 in the case of Brazil), the area code and the phone number itself. Important: all together! When you enter this address, the service will be automatically redirected to WhatsApp servers and a window will pop up asking you if you want to open the application just confirm and you can send a message to the selected number. The trick works on both smartphones (iPhone or Android) as well as computers via WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

"Starting "Starting

If you have the habit of sending messages to unsaved numbers in your calendar, there is still an easier way to do so as long as you are running iOS 12. Just have the Shortcuts app installed and download this recipe titled ?Call Zap ?to include an easy way to paste a WhatsApp number into your widgets or by opening the Shortcuts app itself and having quick access to it in the messenger.

Starting a WhatsApp Conversation with a Number Not in Your Phone Book

Always remember that even if you are not saving the other person's contact, they will still have access to your phone number when the conversation starts, so if the idea is to remain anonymous, it may be more appropriate to use other means of communication. communication to the contact.

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