How to speed up your Android Wi-Fi connection

A Wi-Fi connection does not always offer the optimum speed even when the considerably large contracted internet package. However, this problem is not always related to speed only, but also to other issues such as Wi-Fi positioning and device configuration. In this article you learn how to improve wireless modem signal as well as 3G and 4G of your Android.

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How to speed up the Wi-Fi connection

In this case, the improvement of Wi-Fi network access depends more on your router than on your Android. Look for a good environment to position it, avoid leaving it in rooms that are isolated from the home or office. The proper placement of it ensure better access from your cellular network.

Now, if you can't move your router and you're bothered by the slow download and upload speed of your device, it's worth downloading the Wi-Fi Analyzer app, which monitors your nearest networks. This app tells you how your router's signal quality is, as well as its range and other details that can help you choose the perfect connection.

wifi analyzer tips
Wi-Fi Analyzer indicates the best signal available in your area / AndroidPIT

Wifi Analyzer
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As I mentioned earlier, if you have problems with the router, it is best to replace it here. We have prepared an article with all the details you should consider when choosing a new modem for your home:

How to speed up Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connection (root)

Also in this case it is a modification of a system file, which can be used by Android while connecting to the internet. This file contains a TCP / IP configuration, that is, a set of transmission protocols used for data exchange.

By modifying (or adding) such a setting, we will change the way our device connects to the outside, and here comes MCST, a member of XDA Developers that brought to Android a well-known Linux connection optimization.

Thanks to this modification, depending on the device and network used, we will get a considerable increase in download and upload speed over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G!

Material Required

  • Root permissions: If you are not rooted, you can use a simpler application procedure, but (as the developer said) is also less efficient. In other cases, we will modify system files that require root permissions.
  • File sysctl.conf: This is the file that we will replace / copy into a system folder, containing the connection parameters. Download it only if you want to perform the manual procedure, otherwise the application will do all the service. In the link you will also find a screenshot of the route and the permissions you must grant;
  • Internet Speed ​​Master: Thanks to this application we can simplify the procedure by letting it modify the parameters. If you don't have root permissions you can try the root mode. Improve Internet Connection.

Internet Speed ​​Master
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  • ES File Explorer (or equivalent): A file manager with root permissions to be able to enter system folders and change file permissions. Indispensable for manual procedures.

ES File Explorer
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If you do not have much practice with system procedures and using file managers with root permissions, I recommend using the Internet Speed ​​Master application as indicated in the automatic procedure. In addition to being simpler and faster, it can prove to be the safest choice. Anyway, for added security, I advise you to back up your important data or a NANDroid backup if you have root permissions.

Automatic procedure

  1. Install the Internet Speed ​​Master application;
  2. Open it and give it root permissions (if you have one);
  3. If you have root permissions, click Apply Patch to apply system modifications. If you don't have root permissions or want to try the simplest method first, click Improve Internet Connection.
internet speed master wifi app
The Internet Speed ​​Master AndroidPIT

Manual procedure

  1. Download the file sysctl.conf.
  2. Copy the file to your device by connecting it to your PC or using the SD card if available;
  3. Install and open ES File Explorer (or equivalent) and give it root permissions (menu> Root Explorer> ON> confirm);
  4. Now copy the previously downloaded file by long clicking on it and selecting Copy;
  5. Enter the folder (device) / system / etc / and paste the file into it sysctl.conf
  6. Modify File Permissions sysctl.confby holding it down: Other> Property> Modify (Permissions)> Enable Read and Write Permission own and disable everything else. Clicking OK next to the Permissions you should find rw- written.
  7. Restart the device.

If you want to check the speed increase on paper, just install the application and run some tests before and after the process.
Install on Google Play

Attention: I advise doing several tests before drawing a definitive conclusion, as the results may vary depending on the server situation.


If your device has problems or has not improved the connection, you can undo the modification by clicking "Restore" in the Internet Speed ​​Master application, or (if you have followed the manual procedure) by deleting the file. sysctl.conf copied to the / system / etc / folder.

Did you manage to speed up your Wi-Fi connection?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all the tips and tricks to speed up your Wi-Fi. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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