How to solve math calculations using cell phone camera

How to solve math calculations using cell phone camera

Mathematics is a great watershed where many like and most hate. This bid of numbers, equations, subtractions, mathematical problems has never been my forte, I confess. At school I had a little difficulty in math.

If, like me, your strength is also not mathematical and doing math and solving problems not much your beach, today I bring three applications to assist in this matter. These are apps that use your smartphone's camera to settle an account, or some calculation. You just need to point the camera of your device at the mathematical problem you want to solve and the result will appear on the screen.


Photomath is a spectacular application when it comes to solving mathematical calculations, because in addition to solving a simple equation account, the app is capable of solving more complex problems such as ratios, fractions, algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities, logarithms, among many other types of equations. accounts.

photomath android app
Photomath / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

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Math Calculator

With a score of 4.6 on the Play Store, this app has been gaining users thanks to its practicality and efficiency in solving mathematical problems. A great advantage of the app has a scientific calculator to help further solve a mathematical problem.

smart calculator pro
Math Calculator / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Download the app here directly from the Play Store

Calculator Pro

Closing our list, we have the list stem. Released a short time ago, it has less than 30,000 downloads on the Play Store, but that doesn't mean the app is bad. On the contrary, we are talking about a powerful application capable of solving the most complex problems and highlighting its speed in focusing the camera and obtaining the result when calculating.

match calculator app
Calculator Pro / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Download the app here directly from the Play Store

These were our tips so you can solve mathematical calculations simply and without complications, just by pointing your smartphone's camera at the problem itself. But for you as a student, nothing to use in the classroom, because using only the app, you will never learn about math.

And you, do you know any other good app for solving missing math problems on the list?

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