How to silence the camera of the Galaxy S2

How to silence the camera of the Galaxy S2

One of the most common problems with Galaxy S2 We will not be able to mute the sound that the camera makes, thus preventing you from taking more discrete pictures. There are, however, several solutions to make this camera silent. Here are some of them.

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<p style=The first one is simple: just mute the device completely! As there are several disadvantages to this radical method, we propose other better ways.

With apps without being root

The second method is also easy, and is with an application of the type Silent Camera or Camera 360 Ultimate, which can be downloaded below. Both are free and with them you can take all the pictures you want without anyone knowing because there will be no shutter noise.

Silent Camera (Very Good)
Install on Google Play

Install on Google Play

Of course you can also change the camera app directly, without having to use other apps, but you need to root the camera for that.

Silencing the camera with root

If you have already rooted your Galaxy S2, you will then need a file explorer that gives you internal memory access. A good tool is Root Explorer. You can download the app from the Google Play store, but it's paid.

Root explorer
Install on Google Play

Also available was the free apk of Root Explorer which you find here. Before you can install it, you must have the Allow apps from unknown sources option enabled under Settings> Security.

After that, follow these steps:

  • Open app and browse folder System. Inside her, go at Average.
camera s2
  • In Media go to folder Audio and then to a folder called wow.
camera s2 2
  • Now switch to read and write mode. At the top you will see that by default Mount R / O is selected, but next to it is also the option Mount r / w. Click to.
  • After you perform this step, locate the file 'Shutter.ogg' and click on it at length.
camera s2 3
  • You will see that several options appear. Select the rename and type 'Shutter.ogg.bak'.
camera s2 4

And ready! Now the camera button will not make any noise even with the volume of the device at maximum.

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