How to sign out of Facebook Messenger from Android

It's been a while since Facebook decided to make us swallow Facebook Messenger anyway. To make matters worse, Facebook Messenger does not yet have an Exit button like the original Facebook. Once inside the app, there is no turning back. And that's why today we show you a way out of Facebook Messenger.

To sign out of Facebook Messenger, there are two ways.

Clearing app data

  • First, close the app and delete your list of recent apps; otherwise, this tip will not work;
  • In Settingssee you Apps and look for the app Messenger;
  • Click on it and then Storage> Clear data.
messenger logout 1
Disconnect via Android / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

After that, go back to application drawer and click on Messenger. You will not enter the app automatically. To return to Facebook Messenger, simply log in again and all your contacts will remain accessible. Remembering that the option Clear app data causes files, settings, accounts, and databases to be deleted from the device.

Sign out of Messenger from the Facebook app

If you have Messenger on your phone, chances are good that you have the Facebook app too. In the Facebook app on Android, tap the three-line button next to the bell and uncheck "Account Settings", followed by "Security and Login." You will see a section called "Where You Logged In", then select the Messenger session and tap Sign Out.

messenger logout 2
Sign out using the Facebook app on your Android / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

How to sign out of the Messenger app on the Facebook site

You can sign out of Messenger from the Facebook website, your computer, or your mobile browser. Go to Facebook and then select "Settings" from the drop down menu at the top right (what an arrow).

Go to "Security and Login", then find the section called "Where You Logged In". Find the Messenger session you want to sign out of, click the right three points and click "Sign out".

messenger logout 3
Log out of Facebook / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

These methods, of course, are not ideal, but work in the absence of an official in-app button for this. It doesn't look like Facebook will change that anytime soon.

Tip: If someone else wants to check your Messenger account while you're signed in, just go to the app and click your profile picture in the upper right corner. L, look for "Switch Account" and add the new account. To quit, you both will need to perform these steps shown here.

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This text was made in partnership with the publisher Stella Dauer.

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