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How to share your smartphone's Internet connection – Tethering

Certainly this familiar situation: You are in a place where the nonexistent Wi-Fi connection, the internet access are only from your smartphone. It's enough to do some work and satisfy our internet addiction, but if we want to work more comfortably there is a way to share the internet connection with other devices such as a netbook or tablet. It's called tethering and today we will explain how you can do it.

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<p>Tethering is the process by which a mobile device, in this case a smartphone with internet access, is used as a bridge to provide wireless connection to a network of devices. All smartphones are currently equipped with this feature.</p><div class=

How to activate it?

The process is very simple. You only have to follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings -> More -> Peer-to-peer connection and portable hotspot.

2. Now you have to choose the method you prefer. You can choose from Wi-Fi, USB modem or Bluetooth modem. Most likely you want to use Wi-Fi, so select this option.

3. Once activated, we can configure. In this section we can change the network name and password.

4. And, already! You can now use a Wi-Fi connection on your computer, laptop or tablet thanks to your smartphone.

Finally, do not forget that you are sharing internet of your data rate. Therefore, this process is advisable if you have an unlimited data rate. Data can be used quickly on a computer, especially if we start watching videos on YouTube …

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