How to share iCloud Drive file links with other apps

O iCloud Drive It has never been known for its ease of use or even its popularity among online (cloud) storage services. This, however, does not mean that Ma's platform lacks some important features, especially when it comes to file sharing.

In 2017, Apple provided the option to share links to iCloud Drive files that can be created from iCloud through the Files app (Files) on iOS and through Finder on macOS.

However, if by any chance you need to reference a particular file from your iCloud Drive to yourself (to quickly access it in another app, for example), how to do it?

Fortunately, iCloud Drive has the tools you need to create a sharing link that can be opened only by you directly from native iOS apps as well as third parties.

Creating a sharing link (and sending it to another app) is pretty simple, but it takes a few steps. Also, it is possible to perform this action only by iOS / macOS; that is, it cannot be done over the web.

  1. Open the Files app and find the file (s) you want to share the link to (this works for any file type stored on iCloud Drive).
  2. Tap "Select" in the upper right corner of the screen to mark the file (s). Then touch the sharing cone in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Share iCloud Drive File

  3. In the sharing tab, select the "Add People" option.

    Select app to share files

  4. In the “Choose how you would like to send the invitation” section, select the app you would like to send the iCloud Drive file link to.

    Add people to share

  5. A page will open for you to add people who can access that document. If you are sharing a document with yourself, do not enter anything on this screen and tap Continue.

    ICloud Drive Share Link

  6. Depending on the app you have selected, a page will open with a link similar to the image above; save it to the app.

Ready! If you have multiple files saved in iCloud Drive, you can now quickly access a particular document from the Notes app (Notes), by Mail, among others.

Although these are several steps, this tip can be helpful if you access the same file multiple times. However, it also shows how much Apple still needs to work on the Files app, as well as the overall iCloud Drive interface.

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