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How to share feed photos with friends on Instagram Web

One thing many Instagram users go through is wanting to share photos from the feed with friends. However, it is possible that you do not know how to do this and that is exactly the purpose of this article: to teach you how!

Read on to not only solve your doubts about it but also find out a little about the history of the platform!

1. What is Instagram?

Before we get to the part that most interests you, the guide on how to share the photos in the feed with your friends through the version for Instagram internet browsers, we will show you exactly what this platform is, tell a little about its history and tell how it works.

Instagram (often abbreviated as ?IG?) is one of the biggest social networks today, with the main focus on sharing photos and videos. It currently belongs to Facebook, but was initially created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and released in October 2010 exclusively for iPhone.

In April 2012, its Android version was created and, at the end of the same year, its web version was also made available.

The platform allows users to upload media files that can then be edited with filters and organized with some of the most used hashtags on Instagram or with location information.

Posts can be published publicly or with pre-approved followers. Those who use the platform can explore the posts of other users by searching for the desired hashtags and locations, in addition to seeing the content on the rise, to then share the posts of the feed with friends.

In addition, it is possible to like posts from other users in addition to following them to follow everything they post.

Originally, Instagram only allowed images and videos that were shaped like a square, or 1: 1, with 640 pixels to be perfect on the screen of iPhones of the time. In 2015, it was increased to 1080p.

Over time, many features have been added, such as the ability to add multiple photos and videos in a single post and ?Stories?, which allows users to post in a sequential feed that can be viewed for only 24 hours, currently counting more than 500 million users daily.

Soon after its launch grew very quickly, with more than 1 million users in just 2 months and 10 million in a year, reaching 1 billion in May 2019.

In 2012, Facebook acquired the platform for approximately 1 billion dollars.

What Instagram photos share the feed with friends

Instagram features

There are many different features that Instagram users can use for their posts, they can follow others, search for images, put their profile in Private mode and much more. In this section, we will list all the main ones:

  • Hashtags: The first of them, introduced in January 2011, are the Hashtags, which allow users to not only discover new images that may interest them (and more easily share the photos in the feed with friends) as well as mark their postings. clear way;
  • To explore: Since June 2012 users can use the Explore tab to see popular photos that have been taken close to you, to find interesting content with ease;
  • Filters: Instagram has a large number of photographic filters that users can add to their images, always implementing new ones;
  • Video: Initially, it allowed only photo sharing. However, starting in 2013, it allowed 15-second videos to be shared. In 2015, the limit was increased to 60 seconds and, in 2017, with the albums, it is possible to share up to 10 minutes of videos in one post;
  • IGTV: In 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, an app that allows vertical video sharing of up to 10 minutes (and verified users can share up to 60 minutes;
  • Instagram Direct: This is the tool we will use to teach you how to share photos from the feed to your friends. basically the way that Instagram users have to send messages directly to each other, working very similarly to Facebook Messenger;
  • Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories is the Instagram tool that allows users to take photos and make them available for only 24 hours. widely used for influencers to communicate with their followers on Instagram.

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2. How to share photos from the feed with friends on Instagram Web?

With all this explained, we will then show you the step by step of how to send images to your friends without even leaving Instagram. Follow the steps below to find out:

1 – First, it is necessary that you follow to the Instagram homepage through the link;

2 – Then, in the upper right corner of the image you want to share, you will find a button represented by three dots. Click on it to open the following menu:

Share feed photos menu with friends

3 – Click on the option"To share" and then click ?Share on Direct?;

Share share feed photos with friends

4 – Now, just search the name of whoever wants to send the image and that's it!

Did you like our guide to share photos from the feed with friends on Instagram Web?

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