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How to set up your new Android in 4 steps

Setting up a new Android device can be challenging even for those already familiar with the system. Therefore, it is important to have a step by step to help you in this beginning.

Every Android device has its own peculiarities, but they are similar enough that this guide can assist you in every step regardless of your device brand.

Here are the four tips you can set up from your Google account to customizing your home page:

1. Get your Android out of the box and sign in to your Google account

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Inside the box of your new Android phone / tablet, you should find a quick setup guide to help you set up your device.

After turning on your device, it will ask you to register your Google account or create a new one. Through it you can synchronize your e-mail accounts, maps, calendars and other functions. You can also select some basic options such as your preferred language and various localization services.

2. Configure security options and connect to a wireless network.

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Always protect your information in case of possible theft or loss of the device. Android offers a few ways to set a password. The first step in setting a new password for your phone / tablet is to go to the "Menu", select the "Settings" icon and scroll down until you find the "Security" tab.

You can now set a PIN code or default for access. Depending on the model of your electronic device, you can also configure face recognition and fingerprint recognition.

Setting up Wi-Fi

To connect to Wi-Fi, go to "Menu", click on "Settings" then "Network and Internet". Once you find Wi-Fi at home or work, register the correct password and use it at will.

3. Install the essential Android apps

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A new phone or tablet requires the installation of new applications. By accessing the "Play Store" icon in your "Menu", you have the option to download your favorite social networks, news apps and so many other options.

You can find apps of all kinds within the Play Store, so don't be afraid to crack it and find the best apps to meet your needs.

4. Tips for customizing your home screen

(Source: Nexperts / Pedro Freitas)

Android has some tools to customize your device:

  • If you want to delete an app, hold it with your finger and then drag it to the trash can icon that appears on your screen.
  • To add a widget or change your background, simply click on an empty screen space. Find the widget you like and position it on your main screen.

Now that you have learned the basics with this tutorial, the time has come to brave your new Android and discover the many other features of your device. Enjoy the experience!

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