How to set up iCloud on your Windows PC

How to set up iCloud on your Windows PC

One of the flagships of the iOS 5 system is the iCloud, which allows you to synchronize data and images in the cloud and access them both on your computer and on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. But many have installed the system and have not yet been able to take advantage of its full potential, as they do not know how to configure their PC. In fact, while on the Mac everything is integrated with the Lion system, on Windows the installation is not automatic and requires you to include some extra items on your computer.

If you are still unable to do so, now see the step by step.

1. Download the Control Panel

To integrate iCloud with your Windows system, you need to download and install a free control panel made available by Apple. The first bad news: this control panel only works on the most modern versions of the Microsoft system (Vista or 7), leaving XP users out.

To download the panel, in Portuguese, follow this link: iCloud Control Panel for Windows

2. Enable iCloud on your computer

To create an iCloud account, you must have a Mac or a iOS device with iOS 5. It is not possible to do this directly from Windows.

Once you’ve created your ID, it’s time to activate it on your computer. Go to the menu Start Windows (the one in the lower left corner of the screen) and select Control Panel> Network and Internet> iCloud, where you can set up synchronization with photos, contacts, favorites, emails, calendars and reminders. But here comes the second bad news: to synchronize contacts, calendars and reminders, you must have Microsoft Office (oh, ironic world) 2007 or 2010 installed, otherwise nothing done. If you are one of those who do not have it, you will only be able to sync photos and favorites, if you have installed either Safari 5.1.1 or Internet Explorer 8.

Only those who have the latest version of the programs to be able to enjoy all the iCloud

3. Enable automatic downloads in iTunes

If you haven’t already done so, you can enable automatic downloads in iTunes, so everything you download in one place automatically goes to all your devices. To do this, you must update the iTunes for version 10.5 (something you should have already done if you already have iOS 5 installed).

Then, open the application and go to the menu Edit> Preferences (on Mac it’s iTunes> Preferences), in the tab Store and select Applications and Books, so that the download also happens on the computer.

With all these steps, you are now able to start synchronizing your information between your computer and your devices. In the next articles, we’ll give you more explanations of how to get the best out of iCloud. ?

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