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How to set up and share the internet from your Android

Problems occur with the internet configuration of the device after an upgrade. And since running out of internet is also not an option, I decided to redo this tutorial with new tips and information to fix your Android connection problem in less than 5 minutes. In addition, you still learn to share your network with other devices.

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How to set up the internet of your Android

After upgrading your Android to a newer version, for example, you may then need to set up your network operator so that you can then count on your data plan running round on your device.

This process can also be used right after purchasing a new device or after you have installed a custom ROM. Remember that this tutorial can be used for any of the carriers offering mobile 3G or 4G mobile internet in the country.

Simple mode: How to set up 3G / 4G internet on your Android

In this example, I will show you everything you need to do to set up your 3G internet by following this path:

  • Access Settings> More;
  • click in "Preferred Network Type" (GSM, 3G or 4G);
  • Then select Network Operator / Service Providers > Search for networks> select your carrier.
mobile network conf
You can click on "Service Providers" to choose your carrier manually / AndroidPIT

Then just activate the mobile data and you already have the 3G internet configured and working on your Android.

Advanced mode: How to set up an APN network on your Android

To set up an APN network on your Android follow these steps:

  • Access Settings> More;
  • Then enter Mobile Networks> Wireless & Other Networks> Cellular Networks;
  • click in "Access Point Names or Access Points Only";
  • AND then the "+" button or the option to add a new APN.
apns java conf network
Create a new APN manually / AndroidPIT

After you follow these steps, you will need the information from each mobile service provider that you find in the member tutorial. Matheus Silvaon the AndroidPIT forum by clicking here. After this process you will need to restart your device.

How to share your network and turn your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Certainly this familiar situation: you are in a place where the nonexistent Wi-Fi connection, the internet access are only from your smartphone. It is enough to do some work and satisfy our Internet addiction.

But if you want to work more comfortably there is a way to share the internet connection with other devices such as a notebook or tablet. It's called a portable router and today we will explain how you can do it. It is worth noting that depending on the version of your system and the user interface, the name of this configuration may be different, such as portable access, portable router or hotspot.

  • Nas Settings you must click on the "More" point and then Link and Portable Router;
portable router link android tips
Activate the internet router of your Android / AndroidPIT
  • Then enable the option "Portable Router";
  • Now the hotspot should be set up. click in "Configure Portable Access Point". A window will open, where you can name your network in addition to a password of at least eight characters;
  • In "Security", the WPA2 PSK default setting may remain checked;
conf portable router password wifi
You can change your router name and password / AndroidPIT

Finally, you can connect the second device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with your Wi-Fi hotspot. The given name helps you find the network, and the password must be entered on the other device (note the upper case). ). When you're done using it, turn off the battery saver feature. In addition, the data exchange volume will naturally be increased with action, so pay close attention not to reach the limit.

And, do you have another tip for setting up the internet on an Android smartphone?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all information and tips on how to set up the internet on your Android. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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