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How to send text from PC to Chrome phone

To surf the internet, it is quite capable that you use more than one device such as a mobile phone and a computer. So you may have already had to copy text between these two devices, but you had to do this manually, which is not practical.

Fortunately, Chrome has implemented features that offer greater integration for browser users on more than one platform. Here's how to send text from your PC to your Android phone using Google Chrome.


The new function displayed in the tutorial below is already available in the stable browser version. Therefore, you do not need to install a trial version of the browser.

Remember that at the time of issue, the feature to receive copied text is only available on Android and the reverse process can not be done, so for now you can not send texts from mobile to PC with the Chrome

How to text text from PC to mobile with Chrome

Although the new feature is already available in the browser, its feature is not yet enabled by default. In addition, for the process to work, your computer and phone must be signed in to the same Google account. Check out how to use the new feature:

1. Open Google Chrome normally and make sure it is updated to the latest available version. On Google Play, also update the browser to its latest version;

2. Go to the address: chrome: // flags;


3. In the “Search flags” field, search for “clipboard”;


4. Now, in the three options that appear, change the value from “Default” to “Enabled”;

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5. With all three options modified, a message should appear in the browser. Then click on “Relaunch” and wait for the browser to restart.

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From now on, you can now send Chrome text to other devices. To do this, simply select a text, right-click on it and choose the option “Send text to your devices”, as the image below suggests.


Already on your mobile phone, you will receive a notification confirming that a text has been copied to your download area. So you can use it wherever you need it, as in any note-taking application, for example.

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Ready! From this moment on, you already know how to send text from your computer to other Chrome devices.