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How to send photos and videos through Google Photos without losing quality

Google's new app feature makes it easy to share photos and videos across your phone without losing quality. Here's how to use it!

People who use Android as their mobile phone operating system already have some pre-installed Google apps, like Google Photos, which make a good ally when saving your photos and videos in the cloud. In turn, when you use some other means like WhatsApp to send these files to others, often the image or video is compressed and its quality is compromised.

Fortunately, thinking of facilitating the sharing of this kind of content, Google Photos You have just gained a chat feature which also gives you the option to send these files to others while maintaining the original quality. Here's how to use Google Photos to share videos and photos with your contacts without losing quality.


Because it is a new feature, even when updating the app, you may need to wait for a release from Google to use it. In tests performed by the Digital Look, the function was already available for three different accounts using the Android and iOS app (iPhone system).

How to share photos and videos without losing quality with Google Photos

The new Google Photos function is quite simple to use, however, for it to work, the person receiving the image or video file also needs to have a Google Photos account. Check out:

1. Visit Google Play or the App Store and update Google Photos to the latest available version;

2. Open the app normally and select one or more items to share;


3. With the items selected, tap the “Share” button and select a contact under “Send to Google Photos”. If the desired contact does not appear in the initial list, tap "More" and look for it;


4. With the contact selected, tap “Next” and add a comment to finalize the submission.

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When the contact is notified that something has been sent by Google Photos, they will be able to view your content and have the option to leave everything saved in their own library, as if they had a copy of the file.


Ready! Now you know how to upload photos and videos through Google Photos without losing quality.

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