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How to search for photos, shoot with Depth Control and more on iPhone

Another day was born, and Apple published four new videos on its YouTube channel within the series of small tutorials that teach device owners to perform basic (or not so basic) tasks. Today, the guides are completely related to the camera and photos on iPhones.

Shall we take a look at them?

How to search for photos on iPhone

Search is a powerful way to find all kinds of elements in your photos and videos by name.

How to shoot with the Mono Stage Light on the iPhone

Switch to Mono Stage Light in Portrait Mode and capture stunning black and white photos with dramatic stage lighting.

How to shoot with Depth Control on iPhone

Use Depth Control while shooting in Portrait Mode to gradually add more impact to your subject.

How to choose the main photo of a Live Photo on iPhone

At Live Photos you are given a series of frames for each capture you make. Slide to choose the moment you like best.

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All Apple videos and tutorials related to photos and capturing images / videos can be found on this page (here in English) – it is worth taking a look, as some of the tips are really quite useful.

Apple Watch Commercial

In addition to the tutorial videos, Apple also published – on its English YouTube channel – the newest commercial on the Apple Watch Series 4, entitled “Flight” (“Flight”). Directed by filmmaker Jonathan Glazer (“Under the Skin”) and starring diver Inka Tiitto, the video shows the freedom – sometimes a little scary – of exercising with a watch with a cellular connection.



Whoever is interested, the Creative Review published an interesting article talking about the commercial’s production and the use of a powerful wind tunnel to simulate the diver’s flight effects. It was cool, right?

iPhone XS standing

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