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How to save your personal files when you resign

The process of leaving a job is not easy for anyone, either resigning or being laid off. But one thing that leaves many people in doubt is how to save all the important data that was on their workstation.

There are many companies that do not allow you to use content created within it, or even carry files that were on corporate computers. Then, before saving your workstation files, you should find out about your contractor's policy to understand if you can store the contents that were on your machine.

But if you're free to save your stuff, we've put together a few simple ways to save all your files before going for the last time on your work.

Google G Suite

If your company uses the Google platform, simply go to the G Suite download page and save all available service data such as Google Photos, Drive, YouTube, Contacts, Chrome info, and more. And if you don't want to save everything, you can select exactly what you want.

To export data from G Suite, follow these steps:

  1. Open the data export tool.
  2. Tip: To do this in the Google Admin console, click Open Open in the upper right corner and then click "Data Export" under Tools.
  3. Click Start Export.

This process usually takes 72 hours, but can be completed in up to nine days, depending on the amount of data. You will receive an email notification when the process is complete and it is possible to import to an alternative service.

Google Bookmarks

If Chrome is your workstation's primary browser, it's not too hard to export all your preferences for later use.

Just access the following path: Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser, then click "Favorites", then search for "Favorites Manager." On this page, click again on the three dots in the upper right corner and finally choose the option ?Export Favorites?.

With Firefox

With Firefox is not much different. To perform the action on the platform, follow these steps: Click on the Library icon and go to the "Favorites", then click on "Show Favorites", then choose the option "Import and backup favorites". Your files will be saved in an .html document.

With Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook to organize your email, you can back it up simply: Go to File> Open and Export> Import / Export> Export to a File> Outlook Data File (.pst). Click "Next" to choose all the folders you want to back up, and finally choose a save location, the file name.

PC files

Physical files on your PC can be saved to cloud platforms or physical external hard drives. If you want to use online services, you can take advantage of the options of Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud, among others, just upload the desired files and they will be in the cloud.

If you prefer a hard drive, simply plug it into your PC and transfer the files to your device simply and quickly.

See how easy it is? Now save your files and leave for the next job!

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