How to save battery on your Android Smartphone [VĂ­deo]

Check out the best battery saving tips on your Android.

Learn how to alleviate the problem of excessive battery consumption.

If you're here probably because you're upset that your new (or old) Android smartphone is running out of battery power and you often need to recharge it more than once a day. android-battery

This kind of problem can be alleviated by taking some special precautions, it is good to know that a smartphone is not an ordinary mobile phone, therefore the highest battery consumption is absolutely normal and it will not keep the charge for many days as with the old phones, but it is possible Try to extend battery life to the maximum.

Check out the video below for the best battery saving tips for your Android Smartphone by our new partner Ralf Mamzkei on your Nave A19 Android Channel, check out:

It is a good tip to look for models of smartphones that already have a good battery capacity, unfortunately, today few smartphone models keep the battery charge for more than a full day with normal use, to keep the battery you can use it as a normal cell phone, but what would be the advantage actually?

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