How to save battery and extend its life

Galaxy S6: How to save battery and extend its life

Samsung spared no effort in manufacturing the Galaxy S6, except perhaps for the battery. Its capacity is average, and to make matters worse it is also not replaceable. For these reasons, we have prepared a series of tips to save your battery and extend its capacity. Check it out below:

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Extend your Galaxy S6’s battery life with the tips below. / © ANDROIDPIT

Install Greenify

This tip is classic, also valid for the Galaxy S6: identify battery hogs with Greenify. This app will help you discover the services that run in the background on your Galaxy S6, as well as those that restart all the time. Even with its limited range of options in the absence of root and access to Xposed Framework, it is large enough to ensure greater autonomy and speed when disabling unnecessary apps at a given time. By rooting the device, more services may be disabled.

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Disable unused applications and functions

The Galaxy S6 fortunately arrived with little bloatware. That way, you don’t have to disable many apps manually. However, if you notice, for example, that the Facebook application is the number 1 battery hog, you can disable it and always use the web version. Other functions that can be easily activated and deactivated are S-Voice and Samsung Lock.

Use the power save mode

Samsung has integrated a two-degree power saving mode into the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The simple mode «slows down» the processor a bit and configures the screen to be disabled earlier after use. The Ultra mode is more radical, reducing the number of available applications, changing the screen to black and white and disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With this, the Galaxy S6 resists up to three days without needing a recharge.

Optimize your screen

Smartphone screens have been able to adapt automatically to ambient light for some time, but energy savings in automatic mode are not always the greatest. To have even more control over the screen, we recommend the App Lux. With it, you can manually set the brightness, contrast and color temperature. Especially at night, it is possible to choose darker values ​​and thereby save a lot of battery.

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Disable Google Fit

Some XDA-Developers developers have found that Google Fit leaves the heart rate sensor permanently on. This one bug cannot be solved without a update maintenance by Google. For now, the only solution is to disable Google Fit (it cannot be uninstalled). To do this, go to the list of apps, uninstall Google Fit updates and then disable the service.

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