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How to safely download apps to your Smartphone

Mobile apps: How to download safely?

This article is an offering from the Nextel team to the Diolinux blog.

The smartphones became fever among Brazilians, however, these phones would be nothing if not for the applications. That's right, it's the famous and diverse apps that allow users to perform dynamic activities like using a computer. However, these devices are not always safe.

About 50% of downloaded iPhone and Android apps miss information from their users. In order not to risk losing data such as phonebook, photos, videos and documents stored on the mobile phone, I must always remember to make copies of them in other places and also take some precautionary measures. Most mobile operating systems have app stores

Just like a computer, the smartphone also exposes users to the risks of web browsing, so it is always important to do a good research before downloading any application on the phone. A tip is always to look for recognized sites, such as the Nextel content store that offers applications from various categories.

So that connections like bluetooth, WIFI and infrared do not become gateway for criminals it is always important to activate them only when using. Some devices allow the use of passwords to trigger these devices, if any, always put as this increases your security in public places.

Another indication is to enable a password for your smartphone, this prevents anyone from seeing your files. Many phones allow you to create an unlock password or even use the PIN to activate a security key on your phone. These safety measures are also recommended in case of loss or theft of the device.

Very common problem that allows your phone to be infected with malicious codes are files downloaded from download sites. To beware, prefer to download content from trusted pages, such as the manufacturers of your mobile phone. It is worth installing an antivirus. And finally, when receiving links by sms do not access, in these situations need caution.

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