How to respond privately in a WhatsApp group conversation

How to respond privately in a WhatsApp group conversation

This week, the WhatsApp Messenger arrived verse 2.19.10 and got some interesting news, one of them long awaited, by the way.

I speak of the possibility of replying to a message received in a group privately, in an individual conversation. Want a simple example of how useful this can be? You are part of a group and one person asks for sensitive information from you, such as your credit card number for a reservation you make on your behalf. Instead of putting the number there, for everyone in the group to see the information, it is ideal to send the message only to the person who requested it.

Previously, from the group's own chat, you even had to tap on the person's name / number and choose the option “Chat with (guy / number)”. Now, however, this is even better because there is the option "Reply in Private".

Reply in Private on WhatsApp

All you have to do, as I said, tap on the person's name / number and wait a few seconds for the menu to appear. Then simply tap "More" and "Reply Private". By doing so, you answer the question or request from the contact itself unlike the option used before, in which you just sent a message without the question / request above.

Great, the same? Version 2.19.10 also came with two other new features: When editing a photo or video, you can touch the emoji icon to add stickers; and now from the tab StatusYou can use 3D Touch to preview your contacts updates.

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