How to repeat the same number as the last call made (redial)

Apple has always been known for being a detail company. So much so that many of them sometimes go unnoticed. An example of this is the number of people who did not realize that the headset microphone is also a button, or that to go back to the beginning of a list, just touch the top of the screen.

Another tip that is known, but not everyone knows, is the function of retrieving the number of the last call made on the iPhone. In the absence of a button redial, how to make?

How to retrieve the last number dialed?

The solution is quite simple. ?

Open the app telephone and choose the tab Keyboard, without typing anything else. To retrieve the last compound number, simply touch the button Turn on, that it will automatically appear on the display. Simpler, impossible! ?

Just touch the CALL button, without selecting any numbers

Of course going on the tab Recent you can also retrieve the same number, but with this tip you can save rings and time when you need to make repeated calls. ?