How to remove sites set to not save passwords in Safari

O Safari, like most major browsers, has a built-in feature to save website logins, helping the user to remember their web nicknames and passwords. Some tools, however, may go unnoticed and disrupt the user experience, as we will see below.

Safari alert to save passwords

Just as there is the option to save a login, there is also how to configure Safari to never remind you to remember the password of a particular site. This is a valid option for users who share a Mac and do not accidentally want to save a page login to that computer.

As you can imagine, once configured, Safari will not display the option to save your password on that site again. But what if you change your mind or decide to save your login to that site? That is the theme of the article. The process is very simple and allows you to adjust various websites you may have configured not to save the password.

Follow the steps below to remove a site from this “forbidden” list:

  1. Open Safari and on the menu bar click Safari Preferences.

  2. Click on the "Passwords" tab and enter your Mac unlock code if necessary.

  3. Generally, sites that are set to never save passwords are displayed first in the list. If this is not the case, look for the site name in the "Search" field at the top right of the window.

  4. Select the site you want to remove from the "Never Save" list and click "Remove." Confirm the option.

Ready! Now when you try to log in again, Safari will ask if you want to save that password or not.

You can delete multiple sites that are set to not save passwords on your Mac. If you have an iPhone or iPad and Safari on those devices is among the apps synced by your iCloud account, you can also delete sites that are set to not save passwords on MacOS. From the same steps above apparently there is no way to delete them by iOS.

via iMore