How to recover password from any email simply and quickly

How to recover password from any email simply and quickly

Using programs like Recovery Toolbox, recovering forgotten passwords has never been easier

It is a very common problem in life, of those that everyone has had to go through at least once, forgetting the email password. After all, normally you create your account, the password is registered in the browser and on the cell phone, and you stay months – if not years – without having to enter it again, which is enough for anyone to forget which password they registered. And the worst: you only discover this when you need to access your email account on a different device, and you have no idea how to do it for recover a password lost.

Most of the time, the e-mail accounts themselves already have an option to forget the password, which usually send a link to set a new password for another registered e-mail account. But if you did not register for an alternative account – or else you also forgot the password for that registered email account for recover a password – the task of remembering the forgotten password seems impossible.

Fortunately, today we have several tools that can help recover a password It's lost, and here are two simple methods that you can try before giving up and feeling compelled to create a new email.

Recover password by email client

Outlook is the Office Package email service, with full integration with other company servicesIf you've ever used Microsoft Outlook, then it's easy to recover a lost password (Image / Reproduction: Deposit Photos)

If at any point in your life have you used Microsoft Outlook to access that email account from which you lost your password, a quick and easy way to recover it via Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password.

THE Recovery Toolbox a program designed to quickly and easily recover the password of any e-mail that at some point was configured for access via Microsoft Outlook. The great advantage of this program is that it is compatible with any version of the email manager of Microsoft, working even with the older ones.

After installing the program, just choose which email you want to recover that, in a matter of moments, the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password show you the password for that account. In addition, the program also allows you to reset the password for that account, allowing you to enter a new password that is easier to remember.

recovery toolbox for outlook password Through the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password, you can find the password for any email account that was set up in the Microsoft program (Image: reproduction)

Now, if you are an old school user who remembers using the Outlook at some point in your life, but for some reason the Recovery Toolbox are unable to find your account, it is possible that in fact what you used was the Outlook Express – a program that worked just like the Microsoft Outlook, but with a smaller number of resources and tools, and that could be found in the Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

In this case, you must use the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password. This program works exactly the same as the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password, but it has algorithms created specifically for recovering passwords from Outlook Express, allowing you to recover your password even from accounts you haven't accessed in a long time.

Retrieve password by browser

Now, if you don't usually use the Outlook and only access the email through your internet browser, it is possible to recover a password that has been forgotten in the browser itself. Of course, this only works if you allow him to remember your password the first time he tries to access your email – something that probably must have happened if you forgot your password, otherwise you would have to type it in every time you tried to access e email and would probably remember it.

If you use the browser Google Chrome or the Microsoft Edge, the procedure is exactly the same: all you need to do is enter the browser settings menu and, right on the home screen, click on the Passwords button. You will be taken to a list of all passwords that have been saved by the browser. So, just look for the email service (like Gmail or Yahoo) that you forgot the password on that list and click the button that looks like an “eye”, and the password saved for that service will be shown to you.

recover chrome password Within the Google Chrome settings menu, just choose the option “Passwords” so that you can see a list of all passwords saved in the browser

J no Mozilla Firefox, to access saved passwords you need to enter the Logins and Passwords menu, which can be accessed directly from the button indicated by three parallel horizontal bars located in the upper right corner of the screen. Within this menu, on the left you will have a list of all the domains that you have a password saved to. So, just choose which service you forgot your password for and then click the button that looks like an “eye”, and the password for that service will be revealed.

recover firefox password Firefox has a menu dedicated exclusively to listing and viewing saved passwords, and can be accessed directly from the main browser menu

So, even if forgetting a password is quite common, recovering it has become much easier with the help of browsers that make a list of all saved passwords and programs like Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password, which allows you to recover passwords even from e-mail accounts that have not been accessed for years.