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How to recover files from a smartphone with broken screen

Have you ever broken your beautiful smartphone? So, before sending it to the assistance (or trash) and losing all the data it contains, you can try to recover the files, photos and other memories. Here we will teach a method to try to recover all this.

better safe than sorry

Smartphones have a lot of sensitive data that we better keep protected. There are several ways to do this: hide certain files, block apps to restrict access, use guest mode, back up the cloud, or set passwords for apps.

The best way to ensure that all data contained is safe is to make a backup copy of it.

AndroidPIT backup 9981
Backup Always Saves / ANDROIDPIT

There are several apps on Google Play that we can transfer data with and back up. In a few steps we can protect all our files. Easy Backup is a simple app that lets you keep data on your SD card or cloud. In addition to it, there are several other options available on the Play Store.

How to recover files from an Android from PC

To recover files from a broken smartphone, you can count on the help of a PC. Before you get started, your Android smartphone must have USB Debugging enabled, unless your computer cannot read the files.

In Settings > About the phone, touch 7 times on Build Number. A message stating that the Developer Options have been activated should appear. Come back to Settings and enter Developer Options and enable USB debugging.

It may also happen that even though the smartphone connects to the PC, data that we want to not be found. For this case, there are several applications that may be the solution: Remo Recover, Wondershare and Recuva.

androidpit usb smartphone pc 3
Recover smartphone data from PC / ANDROIDPIT

Wondershare and Remo are easy to use programs on your PC. Just follow the steps:

  • Start the program
  • Connect your smartphone to PC via USB;
  • Wait a few seconds;
  • Once the device is recognized, select the data storage location;
  • Select the files you want to transfer;
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.

The Recuva a bit more complex but much more powerful. able to recover accidentally deleted files, images and other data. To recover data with Recuva, follow these steps:

  • Start the program
  • Choose the type of file to be recovered;
  • Select folder to search for / backup files;
  • click in Advance;
  • Select the data you want to recover from the damaged drive;
  • click in To recover to start.

Can't use the screen? But can still recover data

If the touch screen From your smartphone screen is not working, be it by falling, water, or any other reason, there are still ways to control your Android to retrieve the data contained therein.

On phones that support USB OTG, you can use a USB mouse, or even a keyboard and mouse combination to control your smartphone like a computer.

Androidpit s7 tricks 1135
Using a keyboard and mouse on the S7 / ANDROIDPIT

Another option is to use the PC to control Android. The program for this is Droid @ Screen, which is very easy to use. With it, we can access the smartphone screen from the computer. After installing Droid @ Screen, just connect the smartphone to the PC via USB, launch the program and you're done: after a few seconds you will have a fully functional and controllable window with your Android desktop.

What other ways to recover files do you use?

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