How to recover deleted photos from your Android smartphone

How to recover deleted photos from your Android smartphone

Today there are dozens of image storage and data backup services on the market. Now what to do if you don't have a backup copy and you accidentally deleted a photo from your smartphone? Do not despair. Below we will show you how to recover deleted photos from your Android whether rooted or not.

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First of all, if you want to know how to back up all data on your device, now is the time. Too late? Ok, no crisis.

How to recover deleted photos from your Android without root


DiskDigger has a very simple interface and allows you to scan the device without the need for root. In the application settings, you can still select filters for the search, such as file size or the date it was deleted.

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Recover deleted photos in 3 steps / ANDROIDPIT 
<p>Once you find the selected photo, simply click Recover at the top of the app and choose whether to save the file to a default folder or directly to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.</p>
<p>DiskDigger still has more advanced options for rooted devices and also has a paid version with more features. But we tried the free version and it works very well. </p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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It's important: don't get carried away by the name that appears on the download button below. We tested it and it works even on rootless devices.

DiskDigger Recovery Photos
Install on Google Play

Photo Recovery

Another application that can also recover deleted images even without root access on the device is Photo Recovery, which has a very simple interface and without many options. You basically choose between two algorithm options, the first of which does a more shallow search, while the second promises to find more results.

photo recobery
Photo Recovery also works without root, but it doesn't have so many search options / ANDROIDPIT

After clicking on the selected option the app starts the recovery of all the found content, which is then saved in a folder called ALL_RECOVERED_PHOTO1, which can be accessed by the file manager of your choice. So just twist to find the desired photo, and then just delete the rest.

Photo Recovery
Install on Google Play


Dumpster is not exactly an application for recovering already deleted photos, but it works almost as a backup. To use it, there is no need to have a rooted device.

You must have it installed before any accidents happen and if you accidentally delete a photo, it will be saved in the application.

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Dumpster acts as a photo backup / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>How to recover deleted photos from your Android rooted</h2>
<p>If you have root access on your device the range of applications available increases greatly. Two of the most suitable are Dr. Fone and Undelete for Root Users.</p>
<h3>Dr. Fone  </h3>
<p>Dr. Fone allows you to choose the format of the image to search and also restore it directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. You can do the process directly from the application or from the computer.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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By the app

Performing the procedure by the application is easy task, but the whole process will be executed in English. See the step-by-step below:

  • Just enter the app and choose the type of file you want to recover;
  • click in Photos and Videos Recovery to recover images;
  • Choose the format in which you want to recover the image;
dr phone
If you have root access, Dr. Fone is ideal for recovering deleted photos / ANDROIDPIT
  • The application detects if Root access is enabled. Then it will only be possible to follow.
  • click in Allow in the second step
  • Then choose which type of storage you want to fetch the file from and start scanning.

Now just hope to find the image you want.

By the computer

The first thing to do when you "lose" photos is to turn off your internet connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi), or the whole device, as the data will permanently disappear from Flash memory only when it is replaced by new ones. . If this replacement does not occur, it will be easy to find the deleted photos.

  • Download, install and start Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android
  • Connect your device with your computer and enable USB Debugging in the developer options. To access developer options go to Settings> About Phone> click seven times on the Version number;
  • Once connected to Dr.Fone, you will be able to select the options you want from a range of data formats;
  • In the next step you can choose between all images or only deleted images;
  • Now the program will scan your device and restart it a few times;
  • When the review process is complete, all of your photos will appear. Choose the ones you want to recover and click To restore.

Dr.fone – Recovery and Transfer and Backup
Install on Google Play

Other apps you can try

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter works for rooted devices and searches a wider range of files, including audio and video files. The free app is very easy to use.

Undeleter Data Recovery
Install on Google Play

GT Recovery

With even more advanced options, GT Recovery performs image searches, SMS messages, contacts, WiFi passwords, call history and WhatsApp data. GT Recovery's interface is well-crafted and intuitive, but it only searches if your device has free root access.

GT Recovery -Restore, Photo, SD
Install on Google Play

In all cases the success of the search depends on how long the file has been deleted and how much memory of your device has been used since you deleted the photo or file you want to recover.

How to recover deleted photos from microSD Card

If your photos are on the microSD card, you're lucky. Finding deleted photos in this type of memory is much easier than in your device's internal storage. To get started, remove the microSD card from your device and connect it to a computer.

androidpit sd cards
Some SD card models require a password to initiate recovery from company / ANDROIDPIT software

Some models of Sandisk and Lexar microSD cards have an activation code for data recovery software. For Sandisk are the Extrem and Extreme-PRO models (not the Extrem-PLUS), which come equipped with a RescuePRO code. For Lexar, it's the Professional Series cards that come with a code for Image Rescue.

We have already taught you how to recover data and photos from your microSD card here.

And you, do you know any other application for recovering deleted data?

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