How to recover deleted notes on iPhone

Whether it's files, documents, images or in this case, retrieving paid notes on iPhone is always a subject that can leave users frustrated and anxious. After all, there is concern that the content has been deleted forever and there is no way to bring it back.

Fortunately, this is not exactly the case for notes made in the Notes app on your Apple smartphone, tablet, or even MacBook. So we created this complete tutorial to help you get back any kind of note!

Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

First of all, remember that this is only possible for notes made in the Notes app on your iOS device. Therefore, in the case of notes deleted in other note applications, unless each of them has a dedicated tool, it may not be possible to retrieve them. Anyway, just get your iPhone and let's go step by step!

Step 1: First open the appGrades on your device;

Step 2:Then tap the menuErasedas shown in the image below;

recover deleted notes in iPhone Deleted folder

Step 3: Here you will see a complete list of recently deleted notes. Just look for which one you want to restore.

Step 4: When you find it, slide your finger from the right side of the screen to the left side over the selected note.

Step 5: Then tap the folder icon you want to put the note into. Essentially, you are taking the note from the trash in the folderErased and putting it back one of its own folders.

All set, your note has been restored and is no longer in danger of being permanently deleted. Stay tuned, sYour note may not have been deleted more than 30 days ago, as after this period the app permanently deletes them.

But calm down, if you didn't find your note in the folderErasedIt is possible that she is simply in another location. Remember to use the search tool to try to find the note from your name or content, or even log in using a different iCloud account to make sure it isn't simply syncing another user, especially if you share your smartphone. with some.

If you have children, for example, you may have just created your note while logging on to their iCloud was active instead of yours. So it's worth asking and searching before assuming that the note has been lost forever – especially if you're sure it hasn't been 30 days since you deleted it.

IPhone note apps

Alternatively, instead of retrieving deleted notes on iPhone from the official app, you can choose to use other dedicated apps that also back up and feature other forms of protection. Check out some of the best iOS apps available:

1. Evernote

Being one of the most famous available online, Evernote is a robust app for you to keep notes. It is also capable of synchronizing everything between multiple devices through its same login.

That way, you can access notes on essentially any device without necessarily leaving files stored in place – which helps protect your privacy. The application is extremely robust and full of great features, but still very practical and intuitive.

The best part is free Evernote, so just log in to AppStore to download it and start saving your notes on them, so you don't have to worry about recovering deleted notes on iPhone.


2. OneNote

As an alternative developed by Microsoft, OneNote is also excellent, especially for corporate account users. It also syncs your notes directly with Outlook, as well as facilitating document organization and allowing you to include images, attachments, create lists, and more from within the app.

In addition, if you have a pen orstylusYou can make notes directly using it or even make drawings – this can also be done with your finger, but as we know it may not be as practical. OneNote is also free, go to the link to download it on your iPhone.

3. Google Keep

As an alternative to Google itself, Google Keep is also very good and can sync annotations on other devices by logging in with your Google account. Among some advantages, with Google Keep you can share or send notes to your contacts, create lists with checkboxes (very useful for grocery lists, for example) and even schedule tasks.

The app also makes it possible to record voice notes, transcribing everything you say in words in real time – with Portuguese language support. Finally, you can create reminders and never worry about forgetting any notes you make in the app.

Google Keep is also free, just access the link to download it on your device and worry no more about needingrecover notes deleteds on the iPhone.

Google Keep

Could you recover deleted notes on iPhone?

So, were you able to take advantage of our tutorial to retrieve your notes, or at least to find an alternative to the official Apple Notes app? Tell us in the comments if everything went well or even if you already used one of the other applications mentioned. Enjoy and check out the best calendar apps for iPhone.