How to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp

For some reason, in a thoughtless act, you ended up deleting conversations on WhatsApp. Calm down and take a deep breath, let's help you. In this article we explain two effective ways for you to redeem your deleted WhatsApp conversations, check out below.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp conversations from Google Drive

Currently, all versions of WhatsApp have a Google Drive becape that, if enabled, automatically backs up your messages, a very useful function. To access this area, try us points in the upper right corner of the screen, and then Settings> Conversations> Conversation Backup.

delete whatsapp 1
Google Account Setup for WhatsApp / AndrioidPIT Conversation Backup (screenshot)

Unlike backup to internal device memory (which is also done), the option offered by Google Drive performs spontaneous transfers. By default, device backups are performed every 24 hours, but in Google Drive files are transferred over a shorter period, making the chance of recovering recent conversations greater.

If you have deleted a recent file or conversation, simply delete WhatsApp and install it again with the same previous version. Keep in mind that if the new version you install differs from your previous build, Google Drive backup won't be rescued. Also remember that video recovery must be set manually by the user on the "Conversation Backup" tab. The whole process is done automatically by WhatsApp after its installation.

delete whatsapp 2
Automatic transfer of WhatsApp conversations stored in Google Drive / AndrioidPIT (screenshot)

How to recover deleted WhatsApp conversations from device memory

This option was already best known among users, since Google Drive backup was not always available, but some precautions need to be taken. Before deleting WhatsApp and waiting for the redemption of your information to happen normally, you need to verify that the backup file matching the desired period is available in the device memory.

To do this, I need to download a program that manages the device's internal folders if your smartphone has no file manager. My tip is to download ASTRO, and you can download it through the button below:

ASTRO File Manager
Install on Google Play

To access the backup files I need to locate the WhatsApp folder, which can be hosted on both internal memory and external storage (SD card). Once located, click on the "Databases" subfolder and make sure that the file corresponding to the desired day for recovery is available. By default, files are named in the international standard, such as msgstore-2018-06-20.1, with the year and month before the day.

The file name msgtore.db.crypt12 represents the most recent backup, which may have been performed hours or minutes ago in less than 24 hours. If you are looking to redeem more recent conversations, such as in the last hours or minutes, you will need to rename this file to the current date, for example: msgstore-2018-06-24.1.db.crypt12.

delete whatsapp 3
Folder with saved WhatsApp conversations in device / AndrioidPIT internal memory (screenshot)

Before I can proceed, I need to sign out of your Google account on your smartphone, or disable Google Drive. This is because online backup is enabled by default, and there is no option for you to redeem the version of the device. That done, we can proceed.

By default, WhatsApp rescues conversations that are stored in files dated or later than 24 hours of the current day, so rename the most recent file to the current date and uninstall WhatsApp. In this case, any version of the messenger will be compatible with information retrieval, so just accept the recent backup (which will be from the renamed file) and check if your latest conversations will be there.

And, have you deleted many WhatsApp messages accidentally?

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