How to recover an old iPhone or iPad backup without having to restore

The question came up on our forum and maybe it is a question that a lot of people have.How to recover an old backup from iPhone or iPod touch without having to restore all the firmware for that?

When restoring iPhone firmware through iTunes, he asks if we want to use an old backup or consider it as a new iPhone. We usually choose the old one to retrieve all contacts, calendars, SMS and list of incoming calls. The option “new iPhone”Will erase all personal data from the device, leaving it as if it came from the factory.

And how do we choose the wrong backup? Or if you deleted what you shouldn’t have? Do you have to restore everything again? No, Apple thought about that possibility and made our life easier. ?

There is an easy solution to force restore data backup only. Just right-click on the device name. You will then discover the option “Restore from Backup …

Multiple right-click options

When selecting the option, you have at your disposal a menu with the list of all backups present in your iTunes.

Backup window

Even when there is more than one backup with the same name, it separates by dates, which helps a lot when it comes to identifying the most suitable one.

Division by dates

Then just click on To restore and it will recover all of your old data. If you haven’t deleted anything from your iTunes, your iPhone will go back to how it was before.

Even if I were Apple, I would change the word “To restore” for “To recover“Because this way there would be no risk of people confusing it with the firmware restoration.

If you realize that you have a very large list of backups taking up space on your computer, you can delete them in iTunes itself, in the menu Preferences> Devices.