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How to recover a corrupted AutoCAD drawing

Using Recovery Toolbox for DWG it is possible to recover a corrupted AutoCAD file without much effort

Any professional who uses the AutoCAD at one time or another he has suffered from corrupted files. Whether because the power went out and the computer turned off while the program was saving a file, because of a problem with the hard drive that corrupted the save or even a virus that ended up messing up all your files, the fact that having to deal with corrupted files is as rare as it gets. it should be, and this ends up getting in the way of work a lot, forcing you to start from scratch something that was almost ready.

A major problem in these cases is that, although not so rare, the community of users of the AutoCAD It is relatively small, and it is often not so simple to find a way around the problem on the internet. But don't worry! Here are some ways you can try to recover a corrupted program file.

Recovering files using AutoCAD

How to recover a corrupted AutoCAD drawing You can find some recovery tools within the AutoCAD Drawing Utilities menu

Fortunately, the AutoCAD it has some ways to help you recover a corrupted file, and there are some methods by the program itself that you can use to, for example, recover a file that the program even opened but you noticed that it is showing clear problems, as some objects are not available.

One way to try to solve problems yourself AutoCAD by checking program files. It is normally done automatically when opening a file, but if there are still some problems, you can try to do a manual check. For this, you can access the main program menu and, in the Drawing Utilities option, choose the item Recover. To answer ?yes? to the question that will be asked, select the option for the program to correct all detected problems, and wait for the verification to end.

Another option is to use the drawing recovery manager, a tool that can be very important if the problem was caused by an object added by the user himself. In the same Drawing Utilities menu you will find an option called Drawing Recovery Manager. When choosing this option, open a prompt where you can choose which file you want to recover. Choose one with the .bak extension (used to create automatic save files for AutoCAD) of a time prior to the beginning of the problem, and the program will open this previous version failed.

Recovering files with Recovery Toolbox for DWG

Unfortunately, AutoCAD itself is not always able to solve the problems caused by a corrupted file, and in those hours the only alternative is to look for a program developed just to try to solve these problems – and a good solution is Recovery Toolbox for DWG.

Developed precisely for this type of emergency, the Recovery Toolbox for DWG An alternative to recover corrupted AutoCAD files is very easy to use and very efficient, managing to recover some files that the AutoCAD recovery tools have lost.

In addition, the Recovery Toolbox for DWG it can be a nice break for those who do not have an AutoCAD license but need to open a program file, as it allows a complete view of any DWG before performing the restoration.

The first step is to enter the official website of Recovery Toolbox for DWG, download and install the program on your computer. That done, just start the program and, right away, you will be taken to a prompt to choose the .DWG file (AUtoCAD file extension) you want to restore. After defining which file will be processed by the program, just press the Analyze button.

How to recover a corrupted AutoCAD drawing The first step is to choose which DWG extension file you want to recover

From, the Recovery Toolbox for DWG perform the analysis of the file, checking which were the corrupted code lines and checking the necessary steps to correct them. This process is not instantaneous, and can take a few minutes depending on the complexity of the file.

How to recover a corrupted AutoCAD drawing The analysis of the corrupted file may take a few minutes

After the verification process is complete, you will be taken to a preview screen. In it, it is possible to see how the final file to be restored looked, allowing to check if the program managed to correct all the existing problems in the corrupted file and restore it without making you lose anything that was done there.

How to recover a corrupted AutoCAD drawing It is possible to preview the final version of the document before confirming the recovery

After pre-checking, the final step is just to click the Start recovery button and wait for the program to finish repairing your file. Unlike the other steps, this step is not free, and you need to purchase a license to use the Recovery Toolbox for DWG to perform the recovery. But, as it is possible to preview the final file before purchasing the license, the user is at least sure that he is not paying for something uncertain, and can choose to purchase that license only if the program is fully correcting the corrupted file.

How to recover a corrupted AutoCAD drawing After paying for the license you can create the corrected version of your corrupted file

Now, if you operate in a cloud environment and do not have permission to install programs on your computer, Recovery Toolbox for DWG it also has a fully online version. The service works in the same way as the program, only with the introduction of a captcha resolution before the verification starts.

Like the installed program, the online recovery service also requires the payment of a fee to download the recovered file, but unlike the offline version, it does not allow the user to preview the final file, which makes this is an alternative not as interesting as using the program itself.

And if you are having trouble recovering files from other programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel or PPDF, these guides will help you.