Melhor programa para gravar a tela do seu Android

How to record Android screen without Root

Get the best Android app to record your Android screen now without having to root your Smartphone or Tablet, this AZ Screen Recorder

Learn how Record Your Android Smartphone Screen Without Root, an easy and full of options, check it out:

Best program to record your Android screen

The best App to record Android screen without ROOT

As I'm thinking of putting some videos about Android on the Diolinux YouTube channel I've been searching for a few days at Best alternative to record Android screen without having to root.

After a long time of research and testing, the best option for capturing your Android screen is the AZ Screen Recorder, a free application (one can't believe it) that is full of interesting features, ideal for those who want to make video tutorials and the like. type.

AZ Screen Recorder is the best option to record your Android screen

Most applications for this purpose require a smartphone. rooted This may be a problem if you are unaware of how to perform this operation or if the procedure being performed is void the warranty. Whatever your reason, here is the solution.

Android screenshot features

Record Android screen without root

Among the good features of the app are support for maximum resolution of your Smartphone, including of course full HD if you have such a screen.

Another feature that makes AZ the best app to record your Android screen is the ability to set the bit rate used, my tip is to test one by one, a higher bit rate better but depending on the hardware of your device can As the recording becomes half locked, too low a bit rate makes recording extremely fluid but impairs visual quality.

Another nice feature that it has is to mark the finger positions and screen touches that you give, so it is much easier to exemplify application and even game functionalities.

It turned out to be a great app to record Android gameplays too, just set the bit rate accordingly.

Download App to Record Android Screen Without Root

You can download it from Google Play, note that it has a great rating on the Store.

Enjoy the application and share, I'm sure it will help a lot of people! 🙂

See you next time!

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