How to read messages on WhatsApp without the two blue streaks appearing to the sender

Today you will learn that famous old "ninja technique" of ignoring people you want without worrying about social conventions. I know "horrible", but if you're reading this here because you have an interest in the subject, right? Like it or not, WhatsApp's "double blue check" has already caused problems …

In the digital age, we spend a lot of time with our cell phones in our hands and take them everywhere. In this universe, one of the most widely used applications is WhatsApp. The App maintained by Facebook has become one of the central forms of communication, whether for simple ordinary users or businesses, but along with information sent almost instantaneously, the "need" for instant response has come along and this has not always been the case. possible, or not always what you want to do.

At a, okay, right? … almost. It turns out that the WhatsApp feature to warn that the message has been delivered and viewed has given rise to a certain problem in some communications, as I do not know another way to explain, which usually goes on in people's heads, especially the most anxious, something like : "Did he / she see my message and not reply? WTH! ", or something very close to that for sure.

In WhatsApp itself you have a possible setting to change this behavior a bit. The feature can be partially disabled simply by going to the 3 points aligned at top right, then settings, account, privacy and in the end "Confirmation of Reading"with the feature you can not see who read your message.

WhatsApp privacy setting

But this functionality doesn't do exactly what you would like to happen (unless the person who sent you the message did something like that too), this functionality only hides confirmation when you send the message and not when you receive it. point here. Also, the function doesn't work for groups and you might want it turned on, after all, ultimately it can be useful, so how to create a solution that meets all these details?

Meet the: Shh – Hi Blue Double Check

You download this app directly from Google Play:

On your first launch the app will ask you for "Notification Access from your Android", accept them so that when someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, "Shh" can notify you too, in the App settings you can also choose to hide "Double Check" in Individual conversations, Groups, or both.

Shh Settings

You should use it like this: When you receive a message on WhatsApp, your WhatsApp will continue to notify you as it always did, but "Shh" will do the same if you want to read the message without the person who sent you the message knowing you read it. , just do it through the app.

With it you can not answer the messages directly, but tapping a message and clicking "Reply" will direct you to WhatsApp, where "Double Check" will appear to your contact.

It works very simply, doesn't it?

See you next time!

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