How to put two photos in the same Instagram Story without downloading anything

How to put two photos in the same Instagram Story without downloading anything

It is possible to place two or more photos in the same Instagram Story without having to download any additional programs. Stories have an integrated tool called Layout and allows you to post two, three, four photos or six photos together. The feature is available for both Android and iPhone.

AppGeek explains how to use the feature and also lists app options for those who want more templates to make montages. Check out!

1. Open Instagram as you normally do and tap on a camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen;

put two photos in the same story

2. By default, Stories are opened in the tab Normalat the bottom of the screen. Drag the tabs from right to left to the option Layout;

3. Just above the image capture button, the different image options are available layouts for mounting the photos. It is possible to make collages with two, three, four and six photos. Tap on the style you prefer;

4. Note that one of the rectangles will have the camera activated. You can take a photo right away by pressing the capture button or use one in the gallery. If you prefer the second option, touch the thumbnail image with a +, in the lower left corner;

5. If you have chosen to use the image from the Gallery, tap on the first photo you want to insert in the collage;

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add the second photo. If you choose a model with more than two photos, just redo them to fill all the spaces;

  • If you happen to regret the selected photo, touch the arrow icon with an x ​​inside it as to delete the image. The same symbol is used to erase text on smartphone keyboards.

put two photos in the same story

7. When you are finished inserting all the photos you want, complete the process by tapping the circle in the center of the screen with a check icon;

8. On the next screen, make the edits you want. If you want, insert filters, effects, stickers, handwriting or compose text. End the publication by tapping Your story.

Apps join two photos

join two photos

Although practical, the Layout feature of Stories can be limited for those who want more personalization options. After all, it is not possible to define the thickness of the borders, increase or decrease the area of ​​the photos or select other models of layout.

There are a series of apps for Android and iPhone that allow you to make photo collages more freely, with more frames and templates. Many of them also have filters, stickers, image improvements.

Among them are:

Check out details about these image editors and others in our article on apps for making stylish photo collages.

If you don't have a lot of experience with apps like this, you can take a look at our step by step of how to put two photos together without even knowing the issue. We explain how to make the montage on Photogrid, Google Photos and the online tool Fotor.

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