How to put subtitles on video online and on your phone easily To put subtitles on videos you don’t need to be an editing expert. Some platforms even offer the option to automatically insert. Technology identifies what is said …

To caption videos, you don’t need to be an editing expert. Some platforms even offer the option to automatically insert. The technology identifies what is said in the film, transcribes the audio and synchronizes the text with the speech.

AppGeek shows you how to add captions to videos online or via a mobile app. Find out which way works best for you and your project.

How to put subtitles on video online (automatically)

Kapwing disclosure image

Kapwing is one of the most complete free online video editors out there. The tool has a feature capable of generating captions automatically. Artificial intelligence technology captures and interprets what is said. If something has not been captured correctly, just edit.

Then, you can download the subtitled video or share the link with whoever you want. The only thing is that the video is publicly available. If the content is private and you don’t want to make it available to everyone, you can choose alternatives.

If that’s not an issue for you, then check out how easy it is to subtitle videos on Kapwing in the walkthrough below. The website can be used comfortably both on a PC, as well as on a cell phone or tablet.

1. Open the browser of your choice and access the Kapwing website;

2. click in Upload to “upload” the video you want to edit;

Screen to upload video on Kapwing website

3. To use the automatic captioning tool, click Auto-generate. As the feature is still experimental, the service asks the user to create an account using their Facebook or Google login data;

4. On the next screen, select the language spoken in the video from the menu below Select video language. Then, click Auto-Generate;

Kapwing automatic caption inclusion screen

  • Wait for the automatic caption generation process to finish, which may take a few minutes.

5. After the automatic captions are generated, you will be directed to the editing tool. At the top, press play to check the caption,

6. Note that the text is divided into different lines, according to how it appears in the film. To edit the text, click on the part you want to change and write the adjustments;

7. To adjust the draft, click on the number below the text. Drag the time bar referring to the passage to the moment that you consider most compatible with the speech of the video;

  • If you prefer, use the commands + 5s or – 5sat the top of the screen, or use the arrows to the right or left to advance or return the draft more precisely.

8. If you want to manually insert a missing part of the legend, scroll to the end and click Add Subtitle;

9. On the left side of the screen, the player with the video is located. Scroll this side up to see the text formatting options. Are they:

Caption editing options in Kapwing

  • Source: type, size, bold, italics, color, centering and height of the line between the texts.
  • Text position: adjustment of the text on the screen;
  • Text background: none, outline, text background, background and color bar,
  • Video options: video format (square, horizontal, for Twitter, Stories etc.) and if there will be a background to suit the format (and the color of that background);
  • Caption Download: is only available to users of paid service plans.

10. After the entire edition, go to Create (red button located at the bottom of the video).

11. Wait a few minutes for the video to process. Then, you can download the video with the subtitle embedded in Download or copy the video link to share on Copy.

YouTube Studio: to caption private videos

YouTube Studio is a good option for those who want to subtitle a video automatically without having to expose the content in an unwanted way. Although it requires uploading the file on the platform, it is possible to classify it as unlisted. Thus, only those who have the link will be able to access it.

Formats in which subtitles can be downloaded from YouTube Studio

The free online tool does not provide the download of the subtitled video, but allows you to download the subtitle file. This way, you will be able to use it on any offline player compatible with .vtt, srt or .sbv formats. Check out the step by step at Automatically captioning YouTube video.

How to put video subtitles on mobile

One of the best-known video editors for smartphones, InShot offers a rich subtitle inclusion tool. Before performing the step by step below, it is necessary to download the app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Videos edited in the program have a watermark but can be removed by watching a short video.

1. Then open InShot and on the home screen go to Video;

screenshot of inshot app

2. Touch the video or videos you want to subtitle and confirm with the check icon;

3. Play the video to hear the first speech, then tap the icon of a T, in the menu below;

4. Transcribe the speech of the video in the text box that will appear on the screen. Below, font editing options are available. Are they:

Screenshot of the inShot app

  • Colorful circle: allows you to change the color of the text, as well as insert border, shadow, background (label) and define opacity;
  • Aa: allows you to choose the type of font;
  • Three line icon: allows you to change the centering of the text, the size, the distance between the letters and between the lines
  • Icon formed by two circles: allows you to insert transition effects of text input and output. There are unique or looping, which repeat during the time determined for the subtitle to be on the air;

5. When you finish writing and editing the excerpt, complete the process with the check icon;

6. Now, to adjust the display time of the stretch with the speech, tap play. If it is not synchronized, touch the text above the timeline and two arrows will appear: one to the right and one to the left. Drag the arrows until the text and speech are in sync. When finished, tap the text again and the arrows will disappear.

  • It is also possible to anticipate or delay the moment when the video is displayed by dragging the timeline horizontally;

7. To insert the rest of the subtitle, press play again to listen. Then go to the T + to create a new text box. To edit the text and adjust the synchronization, simply repeat the steps 5, 6 and 7 above;

8. After transcribing and editing all parts of the video, go to the check icon;

9. If you want, do other types of editing. The app has features like format change according to different social networks, inclusion of music, filters and stickers, change of speed and much more. After all edits are finished, tap To save, at the top of the screen on the right;

10. Select the desired quality (1080p, 720p or 640p) and wait for the conversion. The video will be available in the InShot folder in the device’s image gallery.

Tips for creating perfect captions

Gif of Jim Carrey typing

A few simple tips help to create captions that make the text more attractive and functional for the viewers of the video. Check out:

  • Limit the text on the screen to two lines. This avoids a large volume of text and is essential to make the reading experience more pleasant;
  • Avoid breaking lines. But, if it is necessary, try to make it as “natural” as possible, approaching the way the sentence is said;
  • Regarding the font, choose a size large enough for effortless reading. The font type must also be simple, without frills, preferably with a dark outline, so that the letter does not disappear depending on the background;
  • Position the caption centrally and at the bottom of the screen. Dealing with a known format, the one used in movies and series, makes reading easier. Of course, if you want to produce less traditional content, you can insert them wherever you want;
  • Always review the text to correct possible spelling and synchronization errors with the lines.

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