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How to put signature in Gmail?

Enter more than one signature in Gmail and choose which one to use when sending messages

Among the features of linking other email accounts, saving attachments directly to Google Drive and even create filters to organize your inbox, a new icon now from Gmail allows you to create different signatures to use at the end of your messages.

This function for you who use your account Gmail for professional and personal emails and uses signatures to make your messages more professional or to make it easier for people to contact you. Thus, with this new feature you can assign signatures to different groups and occasions, configuring more than one signature and choosing which one to use in a given message.

Before starting the configuration process it is important that you are logged into your account Gmail. And this configuration must be done by accessing the service through the browser.

Check out this guide on how to create signatures on Gmail and switch between them when sending emails.

Creating a signature in Gmail

1. Open your account Gmail, click on the gear cone located on the right side of the screen and v to Settings.

Setting up Gmail Go to settings to add a new signature in Gmail.

2. Scroll down to signature and click on the box Create new.

Adding a signatureInclude a signature to be displayed at the end of your messages.

3. Now, give this signature a name. Classify it with a name that matches its function, such as Study Group, Personal Signature or Work Signature, for example. This will help you when selecting the signature for a message. click in Create to save the subscription name.

Choose name for signature Create a name for the new signature in Gmail.

4. Configure the signature in the text box on the side. You can insert names, functions / positions, images, links and change the text style, if you wish.

Editing the signatureEdit your new subscription.

5. Below, you will see Signature Fathers. Select here if the signature should be used in new emails and / or for replies / forwards. You can change those defaults later, too.

Signature standardSetting signature pattern.

6. Scroll down the page and click Save changes to save your new subscriptions.

Saving changesSave your new subscriptions.

Switching between subscriptions

1. Open your mailbox Gmail (located on the left side of the screen under ?Write?) And go to the pen icon in the formatting panel of the email.

Writing email Select a signature for your message.

2. Here, a box with your created signature options appears. Click on the signature you want to use at the end of your message.

Choosing subscriptionChoose the signature for the email to be sent.

Managing your Gmail subscriptions

1. If you need to set up or delete a subscription, open the box to write a new email, click the pen icon and v to Manage Subscriptions.

Step to edit signatureManage your Gmail subscriptions.

2. To delete a subscription, click the trash can icon. To edit, click on the pencil icon in the signature and make the necessary edits in the text box beside.

Deleting subscription Edit or delete a subscription.

3. If you choose to delete a subscription, confirm by clicking Delete?. It is important to go to the bottom of the page to save the changes made.

Final step GmailSave your changes.

Ready! Now you can create signatures and switch between them while writing and sending emails using a single account Gmail.

You are already using this new feature on your Gmail? Tell us here comments.

Source: Google