How to put audio in WhatsApp status

How to put audio in WhatsApp status

WhatsApp only allows you to use videos in status updates, but if you want to post an audio, like a piece of music, for example, this walkthrough will teach you how to circulate the application limitation.

To put audio in WhatsApp status, do the following:

  1. Choose an image and an audio file you want to use: a joke, a conversation or a piece of music, for example. He must have in maximum 30 seconds duration.
  2. Download Adobe Clip, available for Android and iOS – you will need it create a free Adobe account – and insert the image into your first clip. Use the same image three or four times, one after the other.
  3. Click on the music icon at the top of the app and add the audio file. As we warned you before, it must have a maximum of 30 seconds, or it will be cut for this duration by WhatsApp.
  4. Click share and download the clip to your smartphone.
  5. Now just share the file in WhatsApp status. Remember that the status update is visible for only 24 hours.

A less elegant alternative is to record a video on your cell phone with your finger on the camera and the desired audio playing in the background. In the case of a conversation, I need to export the file to a service like Google Drive and then download it again to my phone – you’ll need to use a third party app, like VLC, to play the track after downloading.

Source: Music Mindset