How to prevent others from adding you to groups on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's new feature lets you restrict who is allowed to invite you to groups automatically. Here's how to use it!

WhatsApp is one of the favorite ways for Brazilians to quickly chat with their friends about any subject. To facilitate contact with more than one person at a time, the messenger also features famous groups, which can have several participants in a conversation.

While it's a very useful and even fun feature, it can be awkward to be added in groups automatically with people you may not even know. Fortunately, WhatsApp is looking to give your users a little more control and now lets you not be automatically added to groups. See how to use this new feature.


This new function of Whatsapp is already available for the stable version of the app to Android and iOS (iPhone system). However, as this is a new feature, WhatsApp is slowly releasing it to its users through an upgrade on their servers, which may require you to wait a while to gain access to it.

How to avoid being added to groups automatically

The activation of the new feature of Whatsapp It's very simple, everything being done in the same menu and not on the conversation screen. Check out:

  1. Visit Google Play or the App Store and make sure WhatsApp is up to date;
  2. Open WhatsApp normally and tap its icon represented by "three dots". Then enter “Settings”;


  3. In the new screen, click on “Account” and go to “Privacy”;


  4. Now tap "Groups" and choose one of the options for who will be fit or not to add you in groups. Finally, tap Done.


Once you have performed the above procedure, you will no longer automatically join groups. So when a person is on the blocked contact list, they have to send you an invitation message to that group. If you want to revert the change made, just follow the step-by-step described above again and check the option “All”.


Ready! Now you know what to do to not be automatically added to WhatsApp groups.

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