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How to prevent automatic installation of old apps

Even when apps are uninstalled from your smartphone or tablet, they are still marked as yours in the Google Play store. If the same Google account is used, these older apps can be reinstalled on or even after another upgrade. Here I will show you how to delete items from this list so that they never automatically install themselves.

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First, applications must be deleted from the device. To do so, you can click and hold the app icon in the app drawer and drag it to the trash or go to Settings> Applications> Downloaded, click on the chosen app and then uninstall.

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Two ways to uninstall an app: dragging the icon to the trash (left) or Android settings (right). / AndroidPIT
<p>Many newcomers to Android don't know, however, that an app can also be uninstalled directly from the Google Play Store app. There, in My Apps, you can also permanently remove it from your list, thus avoiding a fresh install. Here's the walkthrough:</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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In the Play Store app you can also uninstall apps. / AndroidPIT
<li>From this list you can select individual apps and uninstall them if you have not already done so in one of two ways described above;</li>
<li>A small gray X in the upper right corner of the app tile indicates that it is currently not installed, but still appears in your Google Play store list. To permanently delete it, click on this X;</li>
<li>Confirm the deletion.</li>
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Now you can be sure that this old app will no longer be installed on your devices. Unfortunately, this exclusion is not yet possible on the Play Store for PC.

Did old apps appear out of nowhere on your device?

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