How to poll on Instagram and share the result in Stories

Polling Instagram is one of the tools offered by the social network to interact with your followers. The feature can be used both in Stories and sent by private message (DM).

AppGeek teaches you how to create a poll, see who voted and how to share the result. Check out other ways to interact with your friends through the platform.

How to Poll Instagram Stories

1. Open Instagram as you normally do. To create your story, touch the camera icon at the top of the screen, on the left;

2. You can take a photo or video on the spot, by tapping on the central circle. Or use an image gallery file, accessible from the thumbnail in the lower left corner;

3. Content produced or chosen, touch the icon that refers to a folded sheet to access more options;

4. So, go on Survey;

Make poll on instagram

5. Now, time to enter the question you want to ask. Remember that it needs to be a closed question, which can be answered with just two alternatives;

6. Below, touch Yes, and write the first answer option. Then, go to At the and write the second alternative;

7. Finish the poll at the check cone () located in the upper right corner of the screen;

8. On the next screen, insert the editing feature you want, as you do in a common story. The user can also change the size of the poll by moving the page with his fingers over it, as well as touching and dragging it to any region of the image. Complete publishing on Your story.

How to see who voted in the poll

Find out the partial result of the poll and see who voted for which alternative, very simple.

1. Access the story published by you, by touching on Your Story, on the Instagram home screen;

2. Touch the thumbnail image of the people who viewed the story;

Poll on Instagram

3. On the next screen, the numbers of votes that each option received are displayed and, below, the list of those voting. If you want to know who voted for which answer, tap View voters. Then, select the option to see who chose what.

How to share the poll result

poll on Instagram

To share the poll results in your stories, just follow the same steps to see who voted. Note that on the same screen there is a button Share results.

Then, go to Your story to complete the publication.

How to Poll Direct on Instagram

To make a poll by private message, the user must follow the same process done to create a poll in Stories. However, in step 8instead of going on Your Story, comes Send to.

poll on Instagram

In the search box, type the name of the user you want to send the poll to. When viewing the profile, touch Submit. Repeat the process if you want to send the poll by DM to more people.

After selecting all profiles, go to Conclude, which appears at the bottom of the screen. When the person votes, the poll creator receives a text message with the chosen answer.

More ways to interact on Instagram Stories

In addition to polls, Instagram has other tools that make it possible to interact with your followers. These resources are ideal for those seeking a closer relationship with these people in order to generate a strategy for identifying with their profile or brand.

We list below the main functionality of Stories. All of them, with the exception of the last item, can be accessed in the platform's resource tray, where there are also polls.

In case you forgot, just tap on the camera icon in the top left corner of Instagram and then drag your finger from bottom to top on the screen. Then just tap on the desired item. Check out!


poll on Instagram

The question feature, as the name implies, allows the user to create a box with a question in which followers can answer with text. That is, there is no need to choose between options.

Note that, below the question box, there are two icons: one with the letters Aa and the other with a musical note. If you choose the second, the user can ask for music suggestions. The followers' response comes in the form of song excerpts, via the Instagram Music tool.


Poll on Instagram

The test is another feature that provides more interaction on the social network. With it, the user can ask a question, include 4 alternative answers and mark one as correct. When voting, at the same time, the person knows whether he has chosen the right option or one of the 3 wrong ones.


make poll on instagram

The rating is a kind of survey that can be answered by dragging an emoji across a line. The more upright the face is, theoretically, the more intense the feeling of the respondent.

It is also possible to leave the question blank, in order to react to the shared image

Quiz and games

poll on instagram

Another possibility to create proximity with those who follow your profile use filters with questions and challenges. Or post themed templates answering curious questions.

AppGeek has articles that explain how to do the Brothers Quiz and the Couple Quiz. Also check out how to find the hidden filters on Instagram and make question and answer games with the templates and have fun in the Stories.

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