How to play quizzes with Story filters on Instagram Quiz games are on the rise in Instagram Stories. There are filters to play alone, as a couple, with family and friends. Users can answer personal or knowledge questions …

Quiz games are on the rise in Instagram Stories. There are filters to play alone, as a couple, with family and friends. Users can answer personal or general knowledge questions.

AppGeek brought together the best quiz games and riddles from Instagram. We also show you how to find new filters and put your questions in Stories. Check it out and have fun!

Best Instagram Question Games

Instagram question play filters, in general, work the same way. The user must touch and hold the circle in the center of the screen to record.

Then, with your other hand, you should touch the display to start the game and draw the questions. In some cases, the game starts automatically when shooting starts.

Instagram quiz game

In this article, we provide access links for each filter. Therefore, after accessing the page, tap Open on Instagram. Then just share the video like you do with any other Instagram story.

1. Game of questions

Question Time

As its name implies, the game consists of drawing random personal questions. You may have to answer questions about what most irritates you about someone or whether, by chance, you have a colorful friendship.

In addition to yielding good laughs, the game can even make the user reflect on some situations. After all, would you change anything if you could go back in time? Or what moment in life would you like to relive?

Of course, nobody is obliged to answer anything, only about what they feel comfortable with. THE Game of Questions best known, created by influence Nathália Diniz (@nathaliardiniz), has three editions.

2. Stop

StopPlayback / Instagram

Stop, also known as adedanha or adedonha, left the paper and came to Instagram. In the game, the user draws a letter and needs to say words that begin with it.

If you leave C, for example, you will have to say an object, a color, profession, series or film, among other options, starting with that letter. You will have 20 seconds to think about all the items.

Here, the game mode is a little different: you need to tap the screen to select the letter. The first topic automatically appears. As soon as you answer, tap again to move to the next and so on. If you can answer them all before time runs out, you will win the challenge.

The most famous Stop game in the stories was created by the digital influencer Felipe Zimmermann (@felipezimmermann). Currently, there are three different versions, each with a group of elements to defy memory.

3. Game of Letters

Game of Letters InstagramPlayback / Instagram

THE Game of Letters went viral after singer Luiza Sonza shared a story in which she played with a friend. The artist’s desire to win the game makes the video hilarious and left many people wanting to test their knowledge as well.

In this game three letters and a theme are drawn. The competitor will have 12 seconds to think about items on the subject that begin with those letters. Did it look complicated? But we promise that it is not.

By tapping the screen, the game can select the topic Fruit and the letters B, D and F. So just answer banana checkersco and fig, for example, before time runs out. Once you’re done, tap the screen to show you’ve done it.

4. Couple Quiz

Instagram Couple Quiz

THE Couple Quiz was made to play in pairs. But if the partner is not willing to participate, it can be answered alone as well. He or she will not be able to complain afterwards because he cannot defend himself.

The filter brings simple questions, like knowing who sleeps first or the pair’s favorite dish. But without a doubt, the fun is due to those more controversial. After all, does any of the two admit to being the most jealous or being the one who spends the longest time on social media?

The most popular Couple Quiz on Instagram currently has two versions. But who doesn’t have one big guy to call yours, you don’t have to be sad. The BFF Quiz has similar questions to have fun with your best friend.

5. Brothers Quiz

Brothers Quiz

For those who want to have family fun, the Brothers Quiz is a great option. You will have to reach a consensus on who talks the most, makes the most mess or calls first. And it is this mission of agreeing with each other that makes the game funnier.

The game went viral with the video of two little brothers, who were having fun answering questions, until the question about who cries the most. One of them was pointed out and, therefore, started to cry, proving the statement.

The game is just one of a series of other options for playing with your family. Call your parents to answer the Quiz Dad x Kids and Quiz Mother x Children. But be prepared to have funny situations about your childhood exposed!

6. 1 word, 1 song

1 word, 1 songPlayback / Instagram

Do you know that game that animates any party? 1 word, 1 song, without a doubt is one of them. As the name implies, the filter draws a term on the screen and you and your friends have to remember a song with it.

As you remember, touch the screen to release another word. If you are in a group, whoever remembers more songs first wins. It is a test for memory and tuning, after all, the fun is to share the performances with the followers of the network.

The 1 word, 1 song has two versions on Instagram.

7. I already x I never

I ever I never

THE I already x I never is a game for those who want to expose themselves a little more on the net. In it, the filter draws curious situations and the user must say whether he has done or passed them or not.

Reveal if you’ve been ignored on WhatsApp, if you’ve cried at school or college, and if you’ve already cut your own hair. It is also possible to tell if you have already fallen in the middle of the street, appeared on television, among other events.

The I already x I is never focused on questions about everyday situations. The same author, Nathália Diniz, also created the I never, more directed towards loving relationships. In that second, the user just has to start recording for the question to be drawn automatically.

8. What would be

Which would bePlayback / Instagram

The game Which would be it is almost philosophical. When touching the screen, the user must decide what it would be if it were one of the items drawn. For example, what brand, country, day of the week or song would you choose to be?

Some questions can make you have fun or even reflect. Which series best represents your life? And which salty has more to do with you? If it were furniture, would it be a table, chair or sofa? The joke was successful on the networks after the young actress Larissa Manoela shared a video using the filter.

9. What do you prefer

What you prefer instagramPlayback / Instagram

What do you prefer it is, without a doubt, the terror of the undecided. After all, the grace is all there, in the difficulty of choosing one of two absurd situations in a few seconds. Or do you think it is easy to decide if you prefer to use sandpaper as toilet paper or vinegar as eye drops?

If you could, would you like to be Beyoncé or Rihanna? 1 year without a family or the same period of time without internet? Think fast and be surprised by comparing your answers with those of your friends. The game has two versions available.

10. Catch, Think or Pass

catch thinks or passes instagramPlayback / Instagram

The game that is fever among the youtubers now it can be played by anyone on Instagram. The dynamics of the game are simple. When you tap the screen, a celebrity’s name is drawn and you must say what action you would take.

If you choose Catch, it means that I would stay, kiss that famous. Think indicates that you are in doubt, while Goes by it serves to dispense the person. The game has two versions, one for national artists and another for international artists.

Among the names are Pedro Scooby, CauĂŁ Reymond, Anitta and Iza. You can decide what to do with Brad Pitt, Jason Derulo, Kylie Jenner, Adele and many others.

How to use the new Instagram filters

Instagram filters are a hit. They offer pranks and options to add effects, makeup, piercings and more through augmented reality technology. There are 3 possible ways to find new filters to have fun or decorate your photos and videos.

Search filters


Instagram has a section called Effects gallery. To access it, just go to Stories, accessing the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap on one of the filters already available, next to the capture button.

A window will open and you should touch the name of this effect at the bottom of the screen. In the menu that appears, go to Search effects. You will be directed to the gallery.

You can search for filters using the search tool, by tapping the magnifying glass icon and typing what you are looking for. If you prefer, you can explore the existing categories. Among them are Instagram, Selfies, Love, Moods and much more.

To use any of the filters, tap on it and then go to To experiment.

Access creators page


Some Instagram users ended up becoming famous for the fun filters they create. Effects creators now have a specific tab in their profiles that brings them all together. Just go to the person’s profile and tap on a smiley icon above the image feed.

If you like any, just tap on and then go on To experiment. To save for later use, go to Save effect.

“Steal” from whoever is using


Seeing your friends’ stories and came across someone using a filter you liked? Know that it is very simple to “steal” for you. Note that the filter name will be available at the top of the screen. Tap on it.

In the box that opens at the bottom of the screen, go to To experiment or Save effect, if you want to keep it for later use.

How to ask questions on Instagram

In addition to quiz games, Instagram allows users to create stories in which to ask their own questions for followers to answer. Check out how simple it is.

1. Open Instagram and tap on a camera icon, located at the top left of the screen;

2. Make your photo or video on the spot using the central button or drag your finger from bottom to top to use any of the phone’s file;

3. With the registration done or chosen, drag your finger again from bottom to top. You will find the various resources available in the stories to increase your publication;

4. If you touch Questions, a question box will open on the screen. You can write a question for your followers to answer or ask them to ask you something;

Instagram Quiz Game

  • Note that below is a circle with Aa and another with a musical note. If you select the second, you can request song suggestions for your followers. They can add not only the name, but the song itself, if available in the Instagram gallery.

5. If you choose to Survey, you can create a survey for your friends to respond to. At the top, you write the question and, in the answer box, write two options for voting;

instagram quiz game

  • When you tap on one of the options, your friends have access to the percentage of votes received so far for each answer. Only you can see what each person has answered.

6. Finally, if test, you will be able to make a questionnaire with a correct option and the others wrong. At the top, the question must be inserted. Below, up to 4 answer options.

instagram quiz game

  • The right answer must be chosen before sharing the story. Thus, when your followers respond, they will know whether they got it right or wrong.

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