How to place a virtual Home button on iPhone X

How to place a virtual Home button on iPhone X

A striking feature of the new iPhone X is the absence, for the first time, of a front button on the device. Many thought that Apple would put a virtual button on the new device, but it chose to adopt gestures to close applications and switch screens (in multitasking).

However, without making any fanfare, Apple will put yes a virtual Home button not only on iPhone X, but on any model capable of receiving iOS 11.1.

A more powerful AssistiveTouch

In the distant iOS 5, the apple introduced an accessibility feature in the system that allows you to virtually simulate the physical buttons of the device, if they are damaged or, simply, to save them from wear and tear. Call of AssistiveTouch, the function places a virtual button on the iPhone or iPad screen, which opens a shortcut menu for various features.

But iOS 11.1 (system made especially for the new iPhone X, but that other devices will also receive) brings some changes to AssistiveTouch, which even allows it to function as virtual Home button, without opening any menu.

In the new AssistiveTouch settings, it is possible to determine the action performed by touching once, twice, longer or using 3D Touch. With that, the “bureaucracy” of the menu is skipped, if you wish. So, you can determine that the virtual button functions as a Home button (Home), which can close applications on iPhone X and even show multitasking by double tapping.

The function can be easily activated in Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch. The button configuration can only be done from iOS 11.1.