How to pin Google Maps on PC and Android

Google Maps can be useful for many reasons. You can navigate the map from anywhere in the world with ease, get a real view of the streets and establishments, check out routes to plan to go, use offline maps, etc. Another very interesting factor is that you can create your personal map and place your own markers (also known as pins) wherever you want. Pinning Google Maps can be a good idea for marking places you like to visit or even where you want to go on trips.

If you want to learn how to pin Google Maps, you can check out our full tutorial. See the detailed tips below!

Pinning Google Maps

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the whole process done on a special Google site called "My Maps". There you can create your own maps, as we mentioned earlier.

This gives you a lot more freedom in how to interact with the map and create your own markers. You can access My Maps via the link.

To get started, choose the “Create New Map” option from the home menu. As we marked in the image below:

pin google maps

With that done, you can enter a name and description for the map, and zoom in on the desired region.

create map in my maps

To create a pin in Google Maps, you must click on the marker symbol as shown in the image below:

pin google maps

Then click on the part of the map where you want to place this pin. You should give it a name and description, and then click "Save" next.

pin google maps

The marker will appear on the map exactly where you placed it, with the name and description.

use my maps

You can repeat this process as many times as you like. And you can also remove bookmarks you no longer want.

Just click on the trash can icon on the marker as shown in the following image.

use markers in google maps

Quite simple, isn't it? This certainly should improve the use of Google Maps for those who wanted a custom experience.

Pin on Google Maps on smartphones

If you prefer, you can also use the My Maps application to do this. It can be downloaded on Android, but is not currently available for the iPhone.

After installing the app, just open it and click the "+" button to create your new map.

my maps android

Choose the map name and description, zoom in on the part you want to view, and click the other “+” symbol to create a marker.

new pin in my maps

Now choose and click on the place you want and select the option “Choose this location”.

add new label

The next step is to name and describe this Google Maps pin and confirm the action.

pin details on google maps

Now just do the same everywhere you want to create markers on your map.

pin no maps on android

As with the web version, the mobile app is also easy and quick to use. The good thing about using the app is that you will always have your maps and markers personalized with you and without needing the internet.

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