How to pair, recharge and configure your 2nd generation Apple Pencil

Won or gave one iPad Pro for Christmas? Probably not, considering the country's poor economy and the pet's tag of up to R $ 15,000. Still, if you already have your hands on one of Apple's new tablets, chances are it also has one of its best new features: Second generation Apple Pencil.

The new accessory represents a clear evolution in relation to its predecessor, with the updated design that prevents the pencil from rolling off a table, the new touch-sensitive surface that accepts the double-touch gesture, the “softest” material, with an improved footprint, and the new charging and pairing process.

But do you know how to take advantage of all the cards up your sleeve with the new Apple Pencil? If not, below we take the path of stones.

Pair and recharge

Goodbye, fragile Lightning connector at the tip of the accessory. In the new Apple Pencil, you sync the accessory with your iPad and charge it by simply touching it to the right side of the tablet. The magnetic connector automatically recognizes the peripheral and connects it to the iPad, starting its recharge immediately and you still have the advantage of having a place to leave your Pencil when it is not being used.

Second generation Apple Pencil connected to iPad Pro

Keep in mind that the second generation Apple Pencil continues to work via Bluetooth, so if the pairing process does not work, you should go to Device Settings to check if the communication is on. It is also possible that the battery level of the accessory is very low; wait for it to charge for a minute and then disconnect and reconnect it again to check if the pairing is done.

To set up

When you pair Apple Pencil with your new iPad Pro, a new area appears in your tablet's Settings. In “Apple Pencil”, you can define the behavior of the accessory when you touch its surface quickly twice; the pattern alternates between the tool you are using and the eraser, but you have three other options: switch between the current tool and the last one used, show the color palette or turn off the feature.

Second generation Apple Pencil adjustmentsImage: Cult of Mac

Your choice, of course, depends on the type of use you make of Apple Pencil: if you spend your days in the drawing and painting apps, quick access to the color palette can be quite useful. Quick access to eraser can also make life easier for those who use the iPad Pro mainly for drawing although, good to note, many drawing apps automatically switch to eraser when you use your finger instead of pencil. In general, the second option (switching between the current tool and the last one used) seems to be the most useful for all scenarios.

It is also good to remember that several apps offer shortcuts for the double tap, that is, having one of these apps in the foreground, the default behavior of the gesture will be replaced by the one you chose within the app itself.


Finally, a tip that is not new, it also exists in previous models of the iPad Pro, with the first generation of the Apple Pencil, but it is still unnoticed by many users.

In the "Notes" area of ​​your device's Settings, you can activate the option "Access Lock Screen Notes" and, with that, simply touch the screen off your iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to go directly to a new note, for the last note seen or for the last note created directly from the lock screen you choose the most appropriate option for your use.

In that same settings screen, you can choose when a new lock screen note is created. That is, if you choose the option “After today”, for example, throughout the day your note will remain the same and a new one will be created only around night. This is useful for you to keep a flow of notes relevant to your day, for example.

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