How to pair Bluetooth headphones on your Apple Watch

How to pair Bluetooth headphones on your Apple Watch

Many people use Apple’s smart watch as a physical exercise companion on walks or runs, to track steps, distance and calories expended based on heart rate. What maybe not everyone knows is that it is possible to put songs inside the Watch and take your soundtrack without having to carry your iPhone with you.

In this article we explain in detail how to connect headphones on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch has no headphone jacks, so you need bluetooth headphones to listen to the music on it.

Then, with the phone already in hand and the Apple Watch on your wrist, follow the steps:

Step 1: put the handset in pairing mode (this is usually done by pressing the power button for 5 seconds).

Step 2: on your Apple Watch, look for the Settings icon. Touch it.

Step 3: touch the Bluetooth menu.

Step 4: you will see a list of available bluetooth devices. Touch the one for your phone.

Ready! Your phone is connected. In the Music app you can listen to your playlists that have been transferred to your watch.

The tip serves to connect any bluetooth device and not just the headphones.

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