Apower Mirror - Como usar?

How to mirror phone screen on PC with ApowerMirror (Android and iOS)

Mirroring the mobile screen on Android or iOS on the PC is an increasingly required feature, especially when you want to open an application that only works on the mobile version on a larger screen. Fortunately, to do this operation, cable is no longer needed, just one application: Apowersoft Mirror. The app available on the Play Store and Apple Store allows the user to control the phone's operating system from the computer screen, being able to track usage on both screens. The feature even more complete than Google's popular Chromcast, a device that is now increasingly out of date. After all, it doesn't have the emulator function that the Apowersoft app tells you. To use the system it does not matter if you have a Xiaomi or Iphone phone, as the application is compatible with both operating systems. The same goes for computers, since the operation is the same for Mac and Windows. If you already knew Apowersoft Edit to record and edit videos you will certainly also want to learn how to use Apower Mirror to ensure an even better use of your devices, which can now be even more interconnected. Apower Mirror - How to use?

How to use Apower Mirror features

With the Apower Mirror app, the user can perform various Android and iOS functions on another screen, either on the PC or on a television. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to perform the main software services on both operating systems.

Control Android or Iphone on PC

Control of the operating system on another screen allowed on Android 5.0 or higher phones and the iOS system. To connect, just perform the following steps:

  1. Use the USB cable to connect the devices;
  2. A configuration page will be opened;
  3. Click on “Controle from PC”;
  4. Select the option “Activate now”;Control Android from PC
  5. Ready, the screen will be widened so that the user can control the options both by PC and smartphone.

Examples of where it can be useful:

  • Share presentations with colleagues;
  • Demonstration of applications on larger screens;
  • Watch movies, videos and streamings on a larger screen;
  • Play mobile games on PC, like Clash Royale.

Screen mirroring

Apowermirror screen mirroring

With the mirroring feature, all actions that are performed on the smartphone appear in real time on the screen that is synchronized with the app. The user can choose whether to control from the mobile device or the computer using the mouse and keyboard. For each computer it is possible to connect up to four different devices.

To control the phone's settings via the PC, simply connect the application to the device you want to use. It works like this:

  1. Connect iPhone and PC on the same Wi-Fi network;
  2. On your Iphone, slide your finger from bottom to top and select the Projeo AirPlay option;Iphone screen mirroring
  3. Select Apowersoft;
  4. Activate the projection;Iphone screen mirroring
  5. Okay, now just control the system through both screens.
  1. Connect Android and PC to the same network.
  2. Open the app on your phone and go to WiFi Connection;control Android by PC
  3. Select the Mirror option;
  4. Choose the Apowersoft device;
  5. Tap Get started now;
  6. There, the devices are properly connected.

For those who want to control the system remotely even offline, mirroring can also be done using the USB cable. It works like this:

  1. Download the Apower Mirror app on your device;
  2. Access the app with your login and password;
  3. Select the “USB” option;
  4. Select "Yes, allow access".

Apowermirror USB connection

Record the screen

With the tool, the user is able to record all the activities performed on the phone or take screen shots – a feature that works even during recording.

Examples and where it can be useful:

  • Recording video tutorials of apps; 7
  • Recording of gameplay of mobile games;
  • Facilitate the demonstration of features and apps.

To perform the procedure, perform the following steps:

  1. With both devices connected to Wi-Fi click on “Start recording” in the application or by pressing the command Ctrl + R on your computer;
  2. The recording captures the sound of the applications and the environment at the same time, merging the audio tracks;Record screen with Apowermirror
  3. After finishing the recording, the video will be saved both on the mobile device and on the PC.

On Android devices, screen recording can also be done via a USB cable, however, if you want to record audio on Android, you will need to use a device such as Chromecast or Google Home to be able to convert your phone screen to Awpoer Mirror.

Print Screen

Apowermirror screenshot

To make the screen capture in a quick way, just access buying Ctrl + Q from the computer or open the app screen and click on the option “Foto d etela”, located in the right menu. The feature can also be accessed during video recording.

Send messages using the keyboard and show notifications on the PC

How to mirror whatsapp on PC

If you don't want to open the “web” version of the applications on your computer you can make your life easier by using Apower Mirror to transmit the screen to the PC and write using the keyboard. The feature is also useful for those who use SMS a lot.

Through the app, you no longer need to have your phone nearby to keep up with the notifications for apps and the system. With the feature, the user can choose whether to keep the smartphone connected via the USB cable or in sync via Wi-Fi to be able to remotely control the operating system from the PC. To activate the notifications, just select the options as shown in the image below:

Apowermirror notifications

Gaming Keyboard

For those who like to play Clah Royale or PUBG Mobile with the emulator function for the PC, just access the “gaming keyboard” icon available in the app. Once this is done, the user can control from the PC as if he were using Android on a large screen and still being able to configure the keyboards to define the best keys for each action.

Gaming Keyboard

Android or Iphone does not connect to ApowerMirror – What to do?

In this case, the first step is to make sure that your cell phone and your PC are properly connected to a Wi-Fi network. If so, it could be other situations that caused the application to be blocked. Perform each of the steps that follow to make it work.

Check if the PC Firewall has not blocked the app

To do this follow the step by step:

  • On your PC, open the "Control Panel";
  • V in “Systems and Security”;
  • Click on "Windows Firewall";
  • Select ‘Allow an application or feature through Windows Firewall’;
  • In the Applications and Resources tab, select “Apower Mirror”;
  • Check the “Private” and “Public” boxes to ensure that the app is able to perform all operations;
  • Click "Save".
  • Try mirroring again.

Check the antivirus action

Another possibility that your computer's antivirus has blocked the application, considering a possible invasion. In that case, just deactivate and activate the antivirus and the app should return to normal operation.

Is isolation active?

On the Iphone, when using a public internet network, Ap Isolation may end up being activated. This can be a sign of problems with your device's ports and a technician is required to

Couldn't solve it?

Contact technicians through Apowersoft Support or check the troubleshooting chat on the Apower Mirror website.

Buy ApowerMirror

Not all ApowerMirror features work on the free version. To remove the watermark from the recorded videos, for example, the user must have at least one personal account. For more advanced functions, such as emulator for games or the mirroring of iOS on Windows, it will be necessary to sign the commercial account, which is the most complete.

Compare in the table below the resources available for each type of subscription.

Apower Mirror

To make your purchase check out the updated prices on the official website and download the application safely in the button below.